New product - LED-500 petrol/gas touch button switch by STAG


Any driver can tell what autogas systems are used for, but when it comes to describing what they look like, it is more problematic issue. This is easy to understand, as almost all components are hidden under the hood. However, one small item is a "companion" to the driver and despite its size, it is an important element that makes LPG driving more effective. The leader in LPG systems, STAG, introduces an innovative STAG LED-500 touch button for petrol/gas switching.


The basic function of this device is to indicate the level of gas in the tank of vehicles converted to supply the engine with an alternative gas fuel. It is also used to switch between petrol and gas fueling. The innovative software applied in the STAG LED-500 switch offers more usable functions to allow the driver to adjust the operation to individual needs. Apart from the option of selecting the fuel type and the mode of operation with one touch on the capacitive button on the switch panel, the unit is equipped with a built-in buzzer to inform the user about switching the fuel or system error and backlit the front panel with the logo to indicate the mode of operation. This small switch is also provided with a warning LED to inform about a failure or incorrect system operation, which can serve informative functions as well, i.e. pulsing according to the sound emitted by the buzzer. Many drivers using LPG systems in their cars will definitely appreciate the option of emergency engine start on gas. It is not a recommended procedure and it is better to be aware of its negative impact on the engine condition if the function is used too often, however, it is an excellent emergency option. That's not all. The manufacturer followed the trends and provided the option for further extension of the switch by adding program functions to meet current market needs related to operation.

schemat led 500

Advanced technology

The LED-500 switch has been based on the latest technology of a capacitive button that so far hasn’t been used in that category of products. Capacitive touch buttons, though known to the engineers for years, only recently have become a real alternative for mechanical buttons used in consumer electronics. The main advantage of the capacitive buttons over their mechanical equivalents is the fact that they do not get worn in operation.Application of the touch panel eliminated the requirement for mechanical cooperation between the button components, which results in a longer button life cycle.

Aesthetic design

A compact symmetrical design makes the switch match various instrument panels without messy effects and disharmony. The switch is nicely shaped and communication is supported by LED diodes and an acoustic buzzer. Built-in automatic adjustment of display and backlight intensity depending on external lighting makes the indications of the switch always very clear. Important - an undisputed enhancement is also the possibility of manual adjustment of the intensity of backlight and acoustic alarm, which allows the driver to receive the information in a way that is not irritating and customized to driver's preferences.

Functionality, advanced technological solutions and aesthetic look - all this makes the STAG LED-500 switch an ideal component of the autogas system used for communication between the driver and the controller. It is a discrete reminder that STAG was the right choice.

stag LED 500

Funkcjonalność, zaawansowane rozwiązania technologiczne oraz estetyka wykonania - wszystko to sprawia, ze przełącznik LED-500 marki STAG jest idealnym elementem instalacji autogaz służącym do komunikacji kierowcy ze sterownikiem. Dyskretnie przypomina, że wybór marki STAG był właściwym wyborem.

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