STAG-300 QMAX BASIC - LPG installations for large engines


Bearing in mind the owners of large displacement engines, AC S.A. - the largest manufacturer of LPG systems in Poland – has expanded the offer of Q-generation controllers with an economic version of reliable Qmax controllers. STAG-300 QMax Basic is an ideal solution for owners of cars with large and fuel-guzzling engines who prefer price over the capability of premium class which is offered by the tried and tested STAG QMax Plus.

The installation of high-end LPG systems is a good investment that ensures failure free operation for a long time.  It is always profitable. STAG Qmax Plus as a representative of the  Q-generation dedicated for 5, 6 and 8- cylinder cars, has gained a reputation among installers and drivers. Both appreciate it for its reliability. The installers should not worry about warranty repairs and the drivers are sure that they will not pay extra for unexpected failures.  There is only problem which has to be solved. STAG Qmax Plus is a controller that has many unique features that are not always used, for example, in simpler car designs. So, why pay for something that is not used? STAG-300 QMax Basic meets such needs. This is an economical alternative to the STAG Qmax Plus controller that combines high quality workmanship, operational reliability, a five-year warranty and slightly less advanced functions.

In practice, the driver will not feel any change. If the STAG-300 QMax Basic is properly installed, for instance in the network of STAG partner's garages, the car will behave in the same way as with its tried and tested equivalent.

The reduced functionality will be felt only by installers who will have a little more work during conversion. Simply, some adjustments have to be done manually.

The most prominent change is the lack of OBD communication. Instead of autoadaptation to OBD parameters, the system requires manual tuning, which is routinely made by most installers. Also there are no built-in pressure signal and petrol level emulators.  If a car requires such solutions, this can be made by using external emulators. 

To lower the price, the sporadically used function of the lambda probe current control has been done away with in the STAG-300 QMax Basic. The only component visible to drivers is the petrol-gas switch that is more economically effective and smaller. It is impossible to change the LED intensity or turn its front  panel depending on the mounting.

It is quite interesting that the STAG-300 QMax Basic is fully compatible with older STAG 300 ISA 6 and 8 controllers. If controller replacement is required, it is just necessary to connect the STAG-300 QMax Basic to the harness socket and, without any additional work, make a system calibration. This facility is also addressed to clients who use older STAG systems.

The reduced number of features used by LPG system installers does not cover the support of mobile applications by the controller. Like in the more expensive model, STAG-300 QMax Basic supports the application STAG Mobile that enables the installers to adjust and calibrate the system with a tablet or telephone, and the application Gas Computer that, on an ongoing basis, monitors the STAG system operation and informs the driver about such things as fuel consumption or costs.

The STAG Q-generation is a new controller generation which has been developed on experiences from previous generations. The product offer has evolved to meet both user and installer expectations. The STAG-300 QMax Basic, which has just been entered on the market, confirms engineers' assumptions and superbly expands the offer.

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