The STAG TAP-03 processor for the advance timing angle has been designed for vehicles fuelled with LPG/CNG as an auxiliary device to improve the efficiency of firing the fuel-air mixture by forcing the advance timing angle to change. The device inherits all the proven functions of  its predecessors, (STAG TAP-01 and STAG TAP-02) and is extended by a number of new more useful software elements. Unlike the earlier models, STAG TAP-03 has been adapted to AC STAG software (diagnostic application for TAP-03 and STAG-4 QBOX, STAG-400 DPI injection controllers) and supports Bluetooth Next interface.

STAG TAP-03/1  
has been designed for engines with an inductive crankshaft position sensor and up to 2 electronic camshaft position sensors.
has been designed for engines with a digital crankshaft position sensor and up to 2 electronic camshaft position sensors.

The advantages of STAG-TAP-03:

  • improves the flexibility of CNG and LPG powered engines;
  • decreases gas fuel consumption;
  • reduces the risk of back-fire in previous generation systems;
  • maintains nominal engine power when using CNG.

The processor may decrease LPG consumption by 3% - 10%, while improving engine flexibility with only a slight increase in power of1% to 2%, compared to that of LPG without a processor.


The processor may decrease CNG consumption by 5% -15%, while improving engine flexibility and significantly increasing the power by 10% to 25%, compared to that of CNG without a processor.

The device has a number of built-in options:

  • support for 2 camshafts (covering camshaft variable timing adjustment),
  • auto-calibration - automatic recording and detection of crankshaft and camshaft operating curves, which eliminates the problem with verifying the crankshaft cycle prior to installation,
  • oscilloscope -  the device automatically collects readings without the need to connect an oscilloscope,
  • improved (patent pending) method of dynamic and automatic spark advance adjustment depending on the current
    engine parameters, thus increasing the vehicle dynamics,
  • reporting the device performance data directly from the application,
  • easy adjustment.

Technical Support
The application supporting STAG TAP-03 has a built-in data transfer option enabling the installer to send any problems with the device directly to the manufacturer, where Technical Support will develop an appropriate dedicate solution.
Thus, the user will be given on-line technical support and assistance from the designer and team of experts.

STAG TAP-03 installation and operation

Mobile applications


Controllers LPG/CNG direct petrol injection

Controllers LPG/CNG DIESEL


Injection rails LPG / CNG

Reducers LPG

Emulatore iniettori - Controllers LPG/CNG direct petrol injection

Emulatore galleggiante benzina

Emulatore di pressione benzina


Switches petrol / gas

Fuel Level Indicators WPG

Timing Advance Processors

The pressure sensor





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