Temperature and pressure sensor PS-04.

The device measures gas pressure, vacuum inside the manifold and gas temperature inside the gas line. The PS-04 measuring system is designed for LPG (propane-butane) and CNG (methane) gas injection systems in all cars, regardless of engine power, including turbocharged ones.  The device ensures excellent performance, regardless of gas quality, driving style and vehicle load.


Minimized inertia of the response to gas temperature changes.
The device has been designed so that it could be mounted directly on a STAG AC W02 injector rail without the need to use a universal tee.


Operating flexibility.
The device operates perfectly both at high and low gas flow rates. This effect has been achieved by using modern high quality sensors and electronic components that allow precise information to be sent immediately to the Autogas controller. Gas flow fluctuations do not affect the quality of temperature measurement.


Mounting in any position.
PS-04 can be mounted in any position near the LPG injectors, or directly on the LPG injector rail, with an ability to be rotated within 360˚. Sensor mounting position has no effect on its proper operation.


Compact design.
The integrated measuring system has a novelty design that establishes market trends. Due to monolith construction of the body and vacuum pipe stub, the strength has been improved and leakages have been eliminated.


Mounting advantages:

- Easy installation – small size and compact construction.
- 360˚- mounting option in any position, by turning within 360˚, even after installation in the injector, manifold or tee. The sensor mounting position has no effect on its performance.
- It is possible to install the sensor on any side of a STAG AC W03 injector rail or single injector by using an appropriate fitting.


Technical specification

Working temperature [˚C] -40 to +125
Working pressure [bar] up to 6,75
Working vacuum [bar] up to 4,50
Gas tee inlet and outlet [mm] Ø 12
Vacuum stub pipe [mm] Ø 4
Overall dimensions (with the tee) [mm] 52 x 42 x 52
Weight (with the tee) [g] 34




The PS-04 sensor has been designed so that it could ensure full versatility and compatibility to be successfully used in present systems instead of PS-02 and PS-02 Plus.


Standards and approvals

The PS-04 measuring system is compliant with E8 67R-01 7261 and 110R-01 7262 approvals and UN/ECE Regulation No. 67.



1. Directly on the ACW02 injector rail, without a universal tee.


2. Directly on the STAG AC W03 injector feeding by using an appropriate fitting.

3. Without a universal tee – on the end of the distribution manifold feeding, on the STAG AC W03 single section injectors. 


4. With the universal tee – on the gas line upstream to STAG AC injector.

Mobile applications


Controllers LPG/CNG direct petrol injection

Controllers LPG/CNG DIESEL


Injection rails LPG / CNG

Reducers LPG

Emulatore iniettori - Controllers LPG/CNG direct petrol injection

Emulatore galleggiante benzina

Emulatore di pressione benzina


Switches petrol / gas

Fuel Level Indicators WPG

Timing Advance Processors

The pressure sensor





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