AC W03

STAG AC W03 injector are designed for LPG and CNG injection systems in all vehicle engines, including turbocharged ones.  The device ensures excellent operating parameters and compatibility with other products of AC S.A.


STAG AC W03 – as a single section injector can be installed in a wide range of configurations and settings.


Modern design

STAG AC W03 have been designed to provide accurate injection times in any conditions.  This has been achieved by using specifically selected materials, a lighter and simpler construction that ensures excellent stability in variable ambient conditions, in particular temperature and pressure.


Innovative heat dissipation system

The injector coil housings are built in the form of radiator – this is an innovative solution – which has not been seen on the market so far – that ensures the best heat dissipation system and guarantees excellent performance.


Ideal system for connecting components

The system for connecting components allows a large number of mounting positions. The unique construction enables the PS-04 integrated gas temperature sensor, vacuum and pressure sensor to be installed on any side. In addition, this sensor, with low inertia of the response to gas temperature changes, can be rotated by 360˚ even after it has been installed on the injector.


Configuration options:

1.      Connection of the PS-04 sensor on the distribution rail to STAG AC W03 injector.



2.      Connection of the PS-04 sensor to the feed pipe of the STAG AC W03 injector and between STAG AC W03 injectors on the feeding line.





Measurement accuracy

STAG AC W03, due to excellent opening and closing times, quickly react to minimum and transient control signal changes. The close vicinity of the pressure sensor improves measurement precision.



  1. Perfect injection parameters (opening time ~2.0 ms, closing time ~1.0 ms).
  2. Enhanced durability and service life of up to 100,000 km in the urban driving cycle or 200,000 km in the extra urban cycle.
  3. Stable operating parameters within the full range of temperature and pressure
  4. Quick response to changes in engine load
  5. Precise gas dosing.



  1. Innovative heat dissipation system due to the use of coil housing in the form of a radiator
  2. Modern and fine-tuned construction proven by numerous tests and offering excellent performance
  3. Feeding on any side - thanks to the use of a plug and feed pipe.



  1. LPG and CNG injection systems  in all cars, regardless of  engine power rating, including turbocharged ones
  2. STAG ACW03 interchangeability with the previous version of W01, as well as with competitive products.



  1. Possible installation directly at the intake manifold
  2. It is possible to install PS-04 sensor on any side without losing the  360˚ turning functionality even after it has been installed on the injector.
  3. Easy installation due to compact size and reduced weight.


Technical specification

Gas flow through section at 1.2 bar [l/min] 125
Max. section performance at 1.2 bar pressure [kW/hps] 33 / 45
Working temperature [˚C] -20 do +120
Maximum working pressure [kPa] 400
Opening time / closing time [ms] 2,0/ 1,0
Coil resistance 1,9Ω
Suggested nozzle size Ø 1,5; Ø 1,8; Ø 2,0; Ø 2,2; Ø 2,4; Ø 2,6
(can be drilled independently up to Ø 2.8 max.)
Gas inlet – pipe stub [mm] Ø 6
Gas outlet – pipe stub [mm] Ø 6
Overall dimensions [mm] 48 x 60 x 28,5
Service life [km]  
- in urban cycle 100 000
- in extra urban cycle 200 000
Weight [g] 88






Standards and approvals:

STAG AC W03 injectorare compliant with the approval E8-67R-01-7294 and E8-11OR-00-7297 UNECE Regulations.




Option 1

3-section distributor
4-section distributor
Injector pipe connectors
Pipe connector protection
Nozzles to the intake manifold
Injector nozzles
Snail clamp 7-11
Snail clamp 12-22
Pipe connector and distributor plug
Distributor protection


Option 2

Elbow PS
Three way connector
End elbow
Pipe connector protection
Nozzles to the intake manifold
Injector nozzles
Snail clamp 7-11
Snail clamp 12-22


Repair Kit

5x1,5 mm 1 pcs
7x1,6 mm 1 pcs
9,5x1,8 mm 1 pcs
  1 pcs
  1 pcs
  1 pcs

Mobile applications


Controllers LPG/CNG direct petrol injection

Controllers LPG/CNG DIESEL


Injection rails LPG / CNG

Reducers LPG

Reducers CNG

Emulatore iniettori - Controllers LPG/CNG direct petrol injection

Emulatore galleggiante benzina

Emulatore di pressione benzina


Switches petrol / gas

Fuel Level Indicators WPG

Timing Advance Processors

The pressure sensor





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