Engines of any  car available on the market has  hiding enormous potential. The reason is that the cars at the factory are not adjusted individually,but  serially and according to the generalized settings of its work.  The  "STAG TUNING" device unlocks the hidden resources of  power, what influences the optimization of setting of particular car, so that the user would be able to ride more dynamically,  safer and even more economical.

 Chip-tuning as a module «STAG TUNING" improves the efficiency and power of the engine in the full rotary range . As a result, we obtained  a safe increase in power and, what is more important  more torque  increases up to 20%, resulting in an mprovement of engine’s flexibility  even while 1500 rpm. Vehicle becomes more dynamic, without increasing fuel consumption. Installation "STAG TUNING" is very simple; we need only to connect two wires. No special knowledge is required, or intervention in a vehicle computer. It's a completely safe, independent module.
Application: (Only for turbocharged engines):

  • indirect injection
  • Direct injection
  • Diesel

Benefits of using «STAG TUNING":

  • increase flexibility and efficiency in all gears at all speeds,
  • minimize the effect of the so-called "turbo lag"
  • the possibility of individual characteristics of  power waveform  and torque.

Technical parameters:

  • built-in processor for emulation of control signals
  • No access to modify the software in the engine control unit, so that the owner is not exposed to brake the warranty on the purchased car.
  • The ability to simultaneously emulation of  2 channels boost pressure
  • does not cause problems with the engine computer error "Check"
  • Can be used in vehicles with a diesel engine with turbo sensor.

Comparison of performance diagrams  from the dyno - stand for two popular types of car Skoda:

Octavia 1.8 - 160 KM

Factory after tuning
165 HP  193 HP
240 Nm 280 Nm


Legend for the test:
Yellow thick line - torque reference (factory)
Yellow thin line - torque  with STAG TUNING module  
Blue thin line - engine power (factory)
Red thin line - engine power  with "STAG TUNING" module


STAG TUNING application supported of Windows versions  and up to 7 including version. Application of Windows 8 is not supported.

Opportunity to purchase a USB cable to the product.

STAG TUNING is a safe device to use, provided that the person uses the results obtained in a reasonable and do not strain the engine continuously. It should be noted that an excessive burden on the car can cause damage to the mechanical components of the engine and powertrain.

engine   engine
mark wiring
 engine performance map
2.0CDI 640.940 Mercedes B 180 CDI G1 view download
3.0D M57 D30 BMW X5 E53 C1 view download
1,2TSI CBZA Skoda Fabia  A1 view download
1,2TSI CBZB Skoda Roomster  A2 view download
1,2TSI CBZA Skoda Rapid  A2 view download
1,4TSI  CAXA VW Golf   A2 view download
1,8TSI  CDAA  Skoda Octavia  A1 view download
1,8T   BFB   Audi A4  A1 view download
1,8T   AUQ Seat Leon  A1 view download
2.0 TFSI CBFA Audi A3   A1 view download
2.0 D4D 1AD-FTV Toyota Avensis  H1 view download
2.2 D4D 2AD-FTV Toyota Avensis   E1 view download
1.9 CDTi Z19DTH Opel Vectra C   C1 view download
1.7CDTi Z17DTH Opel Astra H   D1 view download
2.0TDI CUPA Skoda Octavia VRS  G1 view download
1.6TDI CAYC VW Golf VI  G1 view download

Mobile applications


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Controllers LPG/CNG DIESEL


Injection rails LPG / CNG

Reducers LPG

Reducers CNG

Emulatore iniettori - Controllers LPG/CNG direct petrol injection

Emulatore iniettori

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Emulatore di pressione benzina


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Fuel Level Indicators WPG

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The pressure sensor

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