AC S.A. owns modern manufacturing and assembly lines. Our ambition is self-sufficiency in the production of autogas systems. This is why we keep investing in more machines, keep getting more knowledge on the current machinery available in the market and training our personnel in technologies that are considered as ground-breaking in the automotive industry. Our Department of Plastics is developing in the same way.

The Department of Plastics uses a line of injection-moulding machines to process polyamides, polystyrenes and polypropylenes. Additionally, there are two vulcanizing presses for rubber mixture vulcanization in vulcanizing moulds, as well as extruders to produce Ø2 mm - 20 mm (ID) insulating jackets. This machine park satisfies all the internal needs of the company and allows us to offer outsourcing services.

The Department of Plastics uses five injection-moulding machines of a renowned Austrian brand - ENGEL. Their parameters are as follows:

The machines are integrated with peripherals, such as thermostats (mould cooling) and granulate dryers. The whole system is cooled with externally installed coolers by Piovan (thermostats) and Green box (moulders). The thermostats used in the department operate within the range of 35 to 150 OC (water type). Our oil thermostat operates at up to 300 OC. We use Hot Runner systems for our moulds. We have three controllers for this type of system (2x – 6-channel type and 1x - 12-channel type). Our moulds are installed with a crane rated to 1 ton (1000 kg).

In addition to the injection moulders, the Department also has Vulcanizing Presses. These are used to vulcanize EPDM and FKM rubber blends – based on synthetic rubber. AC S.A. uses two machines manufactured by Pronarplast Żywiec – model CHAP XLB-1000, controlled by PLC touch panel by Siemens.

The presses mainly support the production of connectors, cable glands and shields, as well as seals and rings that are particularly exposed to high operating temperatures and oils.

Hydraulic presses for the vulcanization of rubber blends. We own two CHAP XLB-1000 presses supplied by Pronarplast Żywiec. The touch screen includes Siemens PLC controls. The presses are used for EPDM and FKM blends. The blends are based on synthetic rubber. The presses are used mainly for the production of connectors, glands and shields, as well as seals and rings that are particularly exposed to high operating temperatures and oils. The maximum clamping force is 1000 kN (100 tons), max. pressure is 23 MPa.

The technical  specification of these machines ensures that operation is adjusted to the production needs of the company and also provides a flexible platform for handling outside orders.

AC S.A. owns single-worm extruders for plastics. Two extruders process PVC and PE (polyethylene) and support our production processes. The extruders are provided with water trays for cooling the product leaving the hot cylinder. The extruders work with a closed-loop water system and are cooled with an external cooler by GWK. The machines have four heating zones, where the heater temperature can reach 190 C.

At a worm rotation speed of  8 to 100 rpm, the operator can reach a capacity of 10 to 50 kg per hour. PVC jackets are then used for production of wire harnesses.

The diameter range of the product is Ø2,5 mm to 23 mm, while the wall thickness is 0.4 mm to 3 mm.

The above-mentioned characteristics mean that we can safely say that our machine park makes AC S.A. highly capable of self-sufficient production. We are committed to ensure that the components ordered from external manufacturers meet our strict quality standards – so that equipment or systems marked with STAG can be considered as products that are excellent, reliable and user-friendly. The Department of Plastics definitely plays a part in building the reputation of our company.

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