AcStag application update and new engine codes for STAG 400 DPI


We have updated our AcStag application with new functionalities. We also expanded the engine code list with new items and added a new feature to the website. What has changed?

Firmware upgrade

In the latest update of the AcStag application to AcStag-, the following modifications have been made compared to v4.0.1 in addition to new codes and assembly appendices:

•          New engine codes: ‘Hyundai/Kia G4KH (2.0 TGDI) (>2015)’, ‘Toyota 8NR-FTS (1.2 VVT-iW D-4T)’, ‘JLR AJ126 (3.0)’, ‘Hyundai/Kia G4FJ (1.6 TGDI) GPF’, ‘BMW N20B20A (2.0T)’, ‘Nissan MR20DD (2.0)’,  ‘Suzuki K14C (1.4 BJ) ‘, ‘Ford/JLR 204PT (2.0 Si4)’

•          New setting "GMC pressure test support" allowing to configure a solution against the phenomenon of so-called pressure test on idle in vehicles of brands affiliated with the General Motors Company (i.e. Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Opel, Saab and more).

•          The new setting "Boxer engine", when activated, changes the configuration of inputs and petrol injector emulation from the default one, valid for standard in-line four-cylinder engines, to the optimal version for BOXER type engines.

•          New setting "Injection pulse filter (interference from vapor)".

•          Added support for VALVETRONIC engines ("Engine type" setting).

•          New autocalibration option:  "force a pressure measurement on the fuel rail".

•          Added "digital recorder" diagnostic tool.

New engine codes

In this update we have included a list of new engine codes which are supported by STAG 400 DPI controller.

List of new assembly appendices:

-           8NR-FTS(1.2_T)
-           204PT(2,0)
-           AJ-126_306PS(3.0)
-           B15XFT_(LFV)(1.5Turbo)
-           CAVA(1.4_TSI)
-           CTHD(1.4_TSI)
-           G4FJ(1.6_TGDI_GPF)
-           HNS(EB2ADTS)(1.2_THP)
-           K14C(1.4_Booster-Jet)
-           K14D(1.4_Booster-Jet)
-           L15B1(1.5_i-Vtec)
-           L15BB(1.5_Vtec_Turbo)
-           MR20DD(2.0 CVT)
-           N20B20A(2.0_xDrive)

Thanks to this update, STAG 400 DPI autogas systems can be installed in more vehicle models. For the first time, Honda and BMW cars appeared on our list.

Full list of STAG 400 DPI engine codes 

In addition to the completely new assembly codes and appendices, some of the previous items have changed, as listed below.


Description of changes


- replaced photos of the intake manifold with bores


- adding a new car (Opel Astra K,2018)

- change of the appendix name


- adding an optional connection in section 4.3 Additional connection (only for Buick Regal)


- separation of the appendix from the HNZ version

- change of manifold photos with nozzles


- separation of the appendix from the HNY version


- adding photos with the order of the cylinders

- adding an optional connection (FPE-A emulator)


New feature on the website

Additionally, we have added new functionality to our website for your convenience. We have added a new column to the engine code list table with an assigned assembly annex. This will give users easy access to the modification they need. When you click on the hyperlink, it will start downloading the file automatically.

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