STAG Autogas Systems installers are the motorsport champions


The competitors of the STAG Rally Team project, supported by the leader of the autogas systems, AC S.A., have become Polish motorsport champions. Daniel Duda, the vice-champion in the Polish Drift Championship in the PRO2 class and Andrzej Ossowski, the champion in the Diesel FWD Turbo class of the King of Poland Federation, took his place on the podium.

The STAG Rally Team project brings together motorsport enthusiasts trying their hand at drifting, rally and ¼ mile drag racings. The competitors in the red colour of the STAG brand professionally assemble autogas systems and devote their free time to the motorisation hobby.

Daniel Duda, the owner of the recommended STAG workshop in Szczecin, began his adventure with drifting in 2012. The 2019 season has been a landmark in his career. Extension and tuning of the BMW E-30 with the engine power of 460 HP helped make full use of the competitor’s skills to take second place on the podium in the Polish Drift Championship in the PRO2 class.

Andrzej Ossowski, who runs a car workshop in Płock, has been working in auto mechanics and mechanical tuning for years. He began his adventure with ¼ mile drag racings in 2013 in the DIESEL FWD TURBO category, and he makes all modifications on cars himself. His best time for the 402 metres (0.25 miles) is 11.3 secs. at a speed of 225 kph (139.81 mph). He can add the champion title in the Diesel FWD Turbo class of the King of Poland Federation 2019 to his many successes.

The victory of Daniel Duda means even more when taking into consideration that his car underwent an unusual modification - an autogas system installation. The car has little to do with a standard car. However, when it comes to the choice of the autogas system elements, the workshop decided to use mass-produced components that are used in “civil” cars and assembled the autogas system only from them. The STAG QMax 300-8 Plus engine control unit, two STAG R01 250 reduction drives and as many as eight STAG AC W031 BFC injectors with increased power were installed in the BMW. The installation also includes the STAG AFR set, a controller of the broadband lambda probe, which makes it possible to determine the composition of the air-fuel mixture powering an internal combustion engine.

His debut on the track with the autogas system has yielded Daniel excellent results in the 2019 season. The second car in the STAG Rally Team project, prepared for drifting running on LPG, is the proof that systems of good quality, made of proven sub-assemblies, can be assembled in practically every car - also in a sports car, regardless of the number of cylinders, capacity or power. The car remains dynamic, guaranteeing not only significantly cheaper but also safe and failure-free driving.

Montażyści instalacji STAG mistrzami motosportu

Montażyści instalacji STAG mistrzami motosportu

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