Eco-driving and first aid – AC S.A., manufacturer of the STAG brand, promotes safety


AC S.A. originates from Białystok and is a leading manufacturer of modern LPG and CNG autogas systems of the STAG brand. Thanks to over 30 years of experience, the Company has become the largest manufacturer in the Polish gas system sector, and an important one in the global sector too. AC also manufactures high quality electronics and wire harnesses for the automotive and home appliance industry, including tow hook kits and wire harnesses for electric cars on the Western Europe market.

The Company’s success has not detracted from its commitment to social values, which the Company expresses through actively participating in projects for the people of Białystok. As an automotive company, the activities of which are strictly related to motoring, AC puts emphasis on ensuring road safety, knowing pre-medical first aid and learning how to use roads fuel-efficiently. 

The Company is particularly proud to participate in Motoserce (Motorheart), an event valued among the people of Białystok. It has been its lead partner for six years already. The most recent edition saw locals benefitting from professional first aid training in the STAG zone with respect to handling injuries and bleeding, rescuing injured persons from cars, performing CPR and using AEDs. Over 100 people, including children, received first aid certificates.

In 2018, as part of its support for Grupa Ratownicza MEDIVAL (MEDIVAL Rescue Group), the Company co-funded the purchase of an ambulance and relevant equipment, allowing the Group to provide efficient aid to those injured. The partnership aimed at raising awareness about first aid and about the safety of autogas-powered cars. In line with its strategy, the Company provided training and gave medical emergency demonstrations.

Motorsport drivers involved in rallies, drifting and drag racing also became engaged in raising awareness about automotive safety as part of AC S.A.’s STAG Rally Team project. The drivers promoted safe and proper car use and discouraged reckless driving. AC S.A. also aims at educating young drivers who have just started to gain the necessary knowledge and experience. The Company’s participation in the Open Podlasie Driving Instructors’ Championship allowed it to put an emphasis on issues of fuel-efficient driving and eco-driving. At the “Wschodzący Białystok” track, multiple champions of the Białystok Motor Championship (who at the same time are AC employees) joined the jury, the task of which was to verify the drivers’ skills. In the part devoted to theory, the event’s participants learned about the advantages of autogas systems in cars, such as the savings, the positive environmental impact and the excellent STAG Assistance guarantee protection.

As a company located in Białystok, AC S.A., manufacturer of the STAG brand, shows willingness and commitment to participate in many local social campaigns concerning automotive safety and first aid. AC and the STAG brand provide safety and pro-environmental solutions not only with respect to the products on offer but also with respect to the region’s inhabitants.

STAG propaguje bezpieczeństwo

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