Entrepreneurs from Lithuania visit AC S.A.


AC S.A. invited entrepreneurs and representatives of occupational education organizations from Lithuania to visit the company and get a closer look at autogas technology. The workshops were part of the Polish-Lithuanian project entitled "Increasing the competitiveness of PL-LT borderline regions through the development of cooperative and clustering services" carried out by the Metal Processing Cluster and the Foundation for Development of the Białystok University of Technology. The practical part of the session was a technological visit to A.C. S.A., together with the participation of Jerzy Leszczyński, the Marshal of the Podlaskie Province.

- The development program realized within the Metal Processing Cluster (MPC) is a great chance for the company to make use of the many training sessions which have been adjusted to our needs, make business contacts and share experiences. We operate in the automotive industry which is exposed to very fast progress in technologies, we realize many innovative research and development projects. The production of our complete autogas systems as part of the STAG brand is carried out in the plants in Białystok and then our products are sold in Poland, as well as on more than 50 international markets. This year, we are implementing a new ERP-based integrated IT system and we are preparing to expand the plant. Therefore, we need to improve the skills and abilities of our team in all fields - said Katarzyna Rutkowska, Chairman of the Board at A.C. S.A.

120 employees of companies associated with the Metal Processing Cluster have taken part in the cycle of practical interpersonal and technical training sessions over the last few months. Analogical development activities for a similar group were carried out by the Lithuanian partner and all these activities were covered by the project: "Increasing the competitiveness of PL-LT borderline regions through the development of cooperative and clustering services". Training on both sides of the border were practical, with a high focus on the exchange of experiences, integration and the flow of knowledge on discipline-related and management matters.  The topics were arranged by the companies so that they addressed the actual development needs. There were also technical training sessions for the students of the Białystok University of Technology to fill the gap in skills and abilities with regard to the expectations of future employers.

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