Professional drift on LPG? They are already working on it!


Your LPG-fuelled car can’t compete in a race? It's a myth! STAG has started work on the installation of a 640 HP auto-gas system designed for special purposes car. It is installed in the vehicle of Kamil Dzierbicki, one of the youngest professional drifters in Poland.

Motor racing sports are enjoying a growing interest among its supporters.  Racing and drifting competitions have always given a lot of emotions, but there were some restrictions still in place by 2012. These included a ban on auto-gas cars to enter competitions, which was due to the regulations of the Polish Automobile Association (Polski Związek Motorowy, PZM). Currently, cars on auto-gas can take part in races and assembly work on the first vehicle of this type has already begun. The challenge was taken up by AC S.A., producer of STAG LPG systems for cars and the main sponsor of Kamil Dzierbicki, a talented drifter, one of the youngest in Poland.

Autogaz drift stagstag tuning

Non-standard installation

The preparation of a car to compete in a rally requires non-standard approach from engineers and technicians. “This primarily comes from the fact that such a car is unique, everything in it is non-serial, reinforced, specially tuned up. Therefore, we need to create a dedicated installation, designed for the special needs of this specific car. This requires time and work of our best professionals who are available for this specific operation,” explains Marek Bezubik, a technical specialist at AC S.A., the manufacturer of STAG auto-gas system.

stag drift tuningdrift stag

The challenge of 640 HP

A dedicated auto-gas system will be installed in a BMW car with 640 horsepower. It is being prepared for drifting races where Kamil Dzierbicki of STAG Rally Team successfully competes. The following elements have already been installed at STAG "SUPRAL” authorised service station in Wrocław in June: reducer (STAG R02 TWIN), injectors (ACW03), controller (STAG-300-6 QMAX PLUS) and Stag Tuning, which increases flexibility and dynamics in all gears in the entire speed range.

The works on the installation of auto-gas system in a sports car are going on all the time and, in all likelihood, it seems that the car will soon make its debut on the track. “What is this operation for us? I can summarise it with these words: challenge, priority, custom mission and installation without precedent. The work is in progress, the operation has already been launched, so we will be happy to keep you informed about its successive stages. The fans will certainly be pleased with the end result,” added Marek Bezubik of AC S.A.

AC S.A. is the Poland’s leader and a major global producer of complete LPG and CNG STAG car systems. AC S.A has been operating in the automotive market since 1986, employs over 600 people and is now the biggest company in the field of auto-gas installations in Poland (estimated at more than 50 percent share in the Polish market). We offer more than 200 auto-gas-related products, of which LPG and CNG system controllers play a major role. Our product offer, currently usede by 5 million drivers, is available in more than 50 countries around the world. For more information about AC S.A. company and STAG brand, visit:


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