AC S.A. as an “Education-Friendly Employer”


AC S.A. was one of the 12 employers from Podlasie to be awarded the “Education-Friendly Employer” title. The award is to recognise entities actively working with Białystok’s vocational schools.

On Thursday, 9th February, the 13th Vocational Education – External Examination – Labour Market conference was held in the Agricultural Schools Complex at 26 St. Suchowica Street. This year's motto was: “Continue the good, develop the best.” It was an opportunity to share experience and exchange good practices.

Pracodowcy Przyjaźni Edukacji 2017 AC S.A.

“We support the development of vocational education as this is what the labour market needs right now. A good occupation guarantees getting a good job” – Rafał Rudnicki, the Deputy Mayor. “We appreciate those employers who wish to work with the city schools and help young people to learn an occupation in practice.”

“Education-Friendly Employers” give young people an opportunity to become familiar with various occupations and workplaces (e.g. organisational and marketing policy). They organise for instance trade-learning trips, vocational educational classes, apprenticeships and internships. In addition, they help equip classrooms to make them ready for practical lessons and introduce modern technologies to schools, thus enabling young people to gain valuable experience and learn the rudiments of particular trades. This pays off because modern labour market needs qualified specialists. Afterwards, it is easier for young people to find employment with local businesses.

Pracodowcy Przyjaźni Edukacji 2017 AC S.A.


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