Discover the secrets of a perfect autogas system


People working in this business - car mechanics and workshop personnel - are very familiar the components and usability of autogas systems. It is not an exaggeration to say that they could make a conversion with their eyes closed. Such experience is the capital and foundation for the future of the profession.
Students from the third grade of the Technical School of Automotive Engineering in Przeworsk were able to develop their skills with the help of the AC S.A., a leader in autogas systems and the manufacturer of the STAG brand. The Regional Technical and Sales Consultant of AC S.A., Sławomir Ciszewski, prepared and carried out a meeting on "Gas installation in vehicles".
First, the participants had the chance to familiarize themselves with the company portfolio. AC is the leader of car LPG/CNG systems for cars in Poland. Special attention was focused on the latest controller – Q-generation. The participants found the operation and installation of advanced STAG Q-BOX Plus, Q-NEXT Plus, Q-MAX controllers particularly interesting. In the next part, the host discussed the issues related to diagnostics and control of the air-to-fuel ratio in the combustion engine of a car.
Where was the idea of special meetings with future mechanics taken from?

AC S.A. finds potential in the new generation of people who will be working with the technology of STAG products. Our goal is to make young people interested in issues that could be used when they finish school – summed up Sławomir Ciszewski, AC Regional Technical and Sales Consultant.
The initiative is even more valuable due to the fact that there are many mechanics to choose from in the market. Whereas, true professionals, specialized in a given discipline, e.g. the installation of LPG/CNG systems, are in high demand and are desirable workers for any workshop.

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