AC S.A. The Gem of the Polish Economy


During the 13th gala of the Gems of the Polish Economy (Perły Polskiej Gospodarki) at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the winners of this year’s ranking of Polish entrepreneurs were announced. In the category of Great Gems, AC S.A. was the winner.
The title of the “Gem of the Polish Economy” is awarded based on specific criteria and methodology prepared by scientists from the Department of Analysis and Decision Support at the Institute of Econometrics at the Warsaw School of Economics. It is worth emphasising the fact that the research is free of charge which confirms the exceptional and reliable nature of the ranking. The event was held under the auspices of: the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Janusz Piechociński, the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, prof. Michał Kleiber and the rector of the Warsaw School of Economics, prof. Tomasz Szapiro.
AC S.A. was distinguished by being granted a certificate in the ranking of enterprises and obtained the title of the Gem of the Polish Economy in the category of ‘Great Gems’ for its consistent implementation of the enterprise’s policy and strategy and the position of a leader among the most dynamic and most effective enterprises in Poland.
“Good politics serve people only when it serves the economy. The economy generates not only a product, since we all go to work not only to provide our families with income and profit. We also go to work to fulfil ourselves as people, managers, the creators of new products, new fields of economy, people who are not afraid to share the responsibility for not only the fate of themselves and their families, but also their nation, economy, state, Europe and the future of the world” - Janusz Piechociński summed up the importance of the distinction.



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