TECHNOTALENT 2015 - We support talent in the field of new technologies


AC S.A. has long been known for its openness to new technological solutions and striving for innovation. As a result, it is natural that the company has become a partner of Technotalent Foundation (Fundacja Technotalenty).
With the support of its partners, Technotalent Foundation organises a cyclical contest whose aim is to support the development of talented people from north-eastern Poland, who may present their projects in the categories: technology, design, business and social challenges. Pupils, students and graduates of high schools and universities or colleges may take part in the contest either individually or in teams.
The interest in this kind of self-promotion is huge since, apart from financial and material prizes, each participant has the chance to partake in a special support programme for talented people in north-eastern Poland, which is implemented with the cooperation of the foundation’s partner companies.
Talent is understood as a combination of an individual’s education and creativity. It applies to employees in such fields as scientific research, technologies, business, industrial design, health care, education or art. People with outstanding talent not only invent new machines and tools, but they also create new products and markets.
An example of this may be a group of students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Białystok University of Technology named Cerber Motorsport.  Within the framework of the Technotalent contest, and thanks to the patronage of e.g. the manufacturer of STAG products, they constructed Formula Student bolide and have the possibility of further improving their project.
AC S.A. is waiting for young, talented inhabitants from the Podlasie region, for whom simply signing up for the contest opens the door to new opportunities.  Thanks to participation in the contest, it is easier to make the first steps in business.

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