AC S.A. honoured with the title of “Employer – safe work organiser”


It is the 22nd time that the State Labour Inspectorate in Białystok awarded employers in the competition entitled: “Employer – safe work organiser.” AC S.A. took the 1st place among the honoured companies from the Podlaskie voivodeship as an entrepreneur who puts the safety of employees and working conditions above the set standards.


The intention of the organiser is to promote employers who organise work in a way that ensures the highest level of safety and health protection for the employees, as well as observance of the provisions of the Labour Law. What does the honour mean for the company? First of all, it builds a positive image of the employer who cares for good and safe working conditions.
Modern management systems implemented by AC S.A., conducted continuous improvement programmes regarding safe work principles, the use of latest technologies and elimination of threats to the life and health of the employed were appreciated.

The honourable 1st place and the title of employer as safe work organiser give AC S.A. not only satisfaction, but also the opportunity to present the plant as distinguished on the labour market in the Podlasie region and among competition; it is a certificate of credibility and responsibility. Work safety should be a priority for every company, regardless of its size, position or branch of industry.

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