From zero to a hundred in 3 seconds – the new Formula 1 car



3.5 seconds to 100 km/h, 55 horsepower, 3 m in length and less than 200 kg in weight represent the CMS-02 – the new racing car of CERBER MOTORSPORT FORMULA STUDENT TEAM at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the Białystok University of Technology.


This is the second vehicle of this type built by the BUT students supported by AC S.A. The first car participated in the Formula Student Germany 2013 race edition. The team took 58th position among student cars from all over the world and received the FSG Sportsmanship Award for fair play. The racing event was organized in the most famous Formula 1 circuit of Europe in Hockenheim, Baden-Württemberg. Last year, the car built by the Białystok University of Technology also started in the Formula Student Hungary race in Gyor. It is worth mentioning that in the Formula Student world ranking, the Cerber Motorsport team was listed as the best team from Poland despite racing in only two competitions.
The AC-supported CMS-02 is an innovative racing car. Its suspension components were made exclusively of aluminum and subjected to heat processing. The aerodynamic package generating up to 100 kg of downforce is made of carbon and Kevlar fiber materials. For the construction of the car, 3-D printing techniques were used to an even greater extent than previously for, among others, the production of the intake manifold, fuel tank (!), control panel, and electronic housing. We should also mention the proprietary aluminum silencer to reduce the noise level to max. 110 dB (as the competition regulations require) and the steering assistance used for electronic gear switch control, including automatic mode, etc.
On 9th July, CMS-02 will start in the Formula Student 2014 in Great Britain. Following a four-level technical inspection, the racing cars will compete in dynamic disciplines: Acceleration (over a distance of 75 m), Skid-Pad (driving on a course in the shape of an 8), Autocross (racing on a 1 km-long course) and Endurance (proving the cars’ durability under long-term conditions over a distance of 22 km; the drivers change after 11 km). After that, more competitions will come on the circuits in Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy. The competition is strong – the students from Białystok will compete with more than 500 teams from the world.
The whole AC team is keeping its fingers crossed for the success of Cerber Motorsport in the race! Good luck!!!
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