STAG has conquered the highest part of the Peruvian mountains in South America


Unforgettable views, sublime nature, tough travelling conditions and the grandeur of lofty mountains – this could serve as a brief description of the STAG expedition which took place in late August in the Peruvian part of the highest mountains in South America. The second highest mountain range in the world (after the Himalayas) offered us a great chance to prove to local drivers that even the most extreme conditions are no challenge for an LPG-powered vehicle with a STAG installation under the hood. The Kia Sportage SUV with its 2.0 engine powered by gas and its AC components (the controller STAG-300 Premium, reducer AC R01 and injector rails AC W01) set off from the Peruvian capital, Lima, situated beside the Pacific Ocean, on Friday 27 August at 6 pm. Accommodation for the first night was to be in the town of Matucana. At a height of 2,398 m amsl our four-member team gathered their strength before the forthcoming challenge.

At 6 am on the dot, the car commenced its ascent to higher parts of the mountains. Perceptible temperature drops reaching 0 degrees Celsius, a lower concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere and steep serpentine roads all failed to hinder the team in reaching the destination. After a few hours of extreme driving, we found ourselves at an altitude of 4,818 m amsl. There was frost, snow and heavy wind, and above all the STAG, which was facing up to the immensity of the Andes. Not for a single moment did our SUV fail us, while the gas system worked perfectly. When switching between petrol and gas on the most difficult uphill sections we were unable to detect a difference, which means that the LPG-fuelled motor vehicle can go anywhere that the ethylene-fuelled one can.

Have a look at the photos from the 2012 expedition to Peru.

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