The 'Explore the World with STAG' philosophy


Can there be anything more captivating and exciting than a car, a road and the pervasive sense of freedom arising from the fact that your journey is only now beginning? And it matters not whether the destination takes the form of heavenly beaches, the wild nature of native forests, ultramodern cities or the magical landscapes of great mountains. The destination is the road itself. It is the people encountered; the smiles exchanged, the places remembered, the rally routes completed and the collection of exciting adventures. It is an unwavering sense of confidence and self-esteem built on belief that the moment belongs to you and your life is solely in your own hands.

'Explore the World with STAG' is the philosophy of the road. It means freedom, independence and a hunger for adventure. Miles covered, routes completed, crazy rallies and lazy cruises – the world is wonderful and STAG will help you discover it. And you need not spend a fortune to know this. Your new life filled with passion starts now with STAG. With STAG you can afford to be yourself.

'Explore the World with STAG' is a philosophy for people with a youthful spirit who wish to explore the world; people not dismayed by a long distance and who can live in a movement. 'Explore the World with STAG' is a tribute to life.

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