STAG-4 QBOX - innovation awarded


At the GasShow 2012 International Exhibition AC S.A. presented its latest product, STAG-4 QBOX sequential volatile phase gas injection controller, which heralds a whole family of upcoming systems. The innovative features of this debuting controller were instantly appreciated in the awarding of the INPRO 2012 prize.


The first member of the emerging QBOX family is thoroughly new - right from the design up to the electronic internal assembly. The unusually mounted socket for the wiring harness connection makes assembly easy in every direction, which, along with its compact design, facilitates and speeds up the assembly process in the engine chamber. Due to the efficient 32-bit processor, the core of the controller, the working precision and speed of the whole system is increased. This new platform also makes it possible to be expanded with new functions including self-adaptation, self-diagnosis and assembly fault detection mechanisms. Additionally, QBOX cooperates with new aesthetic and ergonomic LED-300/400 and LED 400 supply switches.


These qualities gained the notice and appreciation of the jury of the INPRO 2012 – the prize awarded annually to LPG/CNG/LNG companies for developing and marketing modern solutions with the aim of promoting technological, functional or quantity progress. The prestigious award will surely help to promote the product in its initial marketing stage, but considering the good reputation that previous STAG controllers are enjoying the QBOX has a great start anyway. On top of that, the compact housing integrates – apart from its predecessors’ renown – everything that not only STAG-4, but also the more advanced STAG-300 have featured so far. Although the first-timer is designed only for engines with up to 4 cylinders, the appearance of its bigger brothers is only a matter of time. Has QBOX got a recipe for success?

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