AC SA to become Market Leader of Innovation 2012 – Quality, Creativity, Effectiveness


It is a great pleasure to inform you that AC SA has been awarded the title of Market Leader of Innovation 2012 – Quality, Creativity, Effectiveness.It is yet another honour in the category of Innovation this year.


MARKET LEADER OF INNOVATION 2012 is a programme addressed to companies for which care for the high quality of products, services and implemented management or customer service standards is an overriding idea.Inpopular opinion, innovative companies are not only those entities operating in new and advanced areas of technology, but also those operating in conventional sectors, investing constantly in state-of-the-art solutions, including research on products and services, as well as process improvement.


The criteria for selection of winners were above all:
* realisation of innovative investments

* introduction of new services / products / solutions to the Polish market

* implementation of new IT technologies

* cooperation with the scientific and technical sector

* respect for sustainable development


The title of Market Leader of Innovation 2012 is a huge honour, and forms above all an inspiration to the company to continue on the course adopted, one on which quality, creativity and effectiveness are of overriding importance.

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