AC W01 and AC W01 BFC injector rails on sale


AC SA – a Polish leader with a renowned international reputation for the production of STAG autogas systems – has started manufacturing injector rails. Injector rails constitute another crucial component of autogas systems next to reducers, which we have recently been manufacturing. Expanding the offer of electronic elements – manufactured for more than 10 years – with mechanical components is a really important step for the development of our company. This change positions AC among the world’s largest manufacturers of LPG/CNG systems offering complete systems based on their proprietary designs.
AC W01 and AC W01 BFC ensure the precise dosing of vaporized gas to the engine inlet and cylinders. All available AC rails show extended durability verified in long-distance road tests performed for various makes of cars and diverse road and weather conditions.
The AC offer includes two types of AC rails:
AC W01 – designed for most engines currently available on the market.
AC W01 BFC – designed for powerful engines with a high LPG demand.

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