25th anniversary of AC S.A.


On the 15 of June the company solemnly celebrated its 25th anniversary. Among the guests at the anniversary gala were: representatives of the city and state council, as well as contractors and partners from the country and abroad.


"We are extremely honored that to our anniversary came so distinguished guests. Some of our foreign partners were for first time in Poland. They were positively surprised by our sophisticated and advanced technology used to manufacture our products. This anniversary is the result of 25 years of hard work on the development of the company. Ahead of us, a very serious challenge, the debut of AC S.A. on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We believe that next year will bring us even more dynamic developments, and new business contacts "- said Katarzyna Rutkowska, President of AC SA.

The ceremony was held in the Philharmonic in Bialystok. During the anniversary celebration in thanks for the fruitful cooperation with our business partners, were given specially designed for this occasion commemorative statues.


The ceremony was attended by our partners from the country and around the world - including China, Thailand, Australia, Korea, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Britain and Germany. The celebration was accompanied by the Philharmonic concert orchestra under the baton of conductor Zbigniew Górny. Our visitors listen music of the world, soundtracks, and were entertained by the performance of Beata Rybotycka and Jacek Wójcicki.

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