Dear Customers


We would like to inform you that on Wednesday the 26th, a new software version for our controllers will be available on our website. The software will be available to download at downloads/technical materials/instructions and manuals.



Several useful options have been added to our new software, such as:

1. Additional option of auto-adoption in open loop (available for Star-300 Premium only), which allows;

2. Fine tuned STAG-OBD algorithms for STAG-300 Premium thus expending the list of serviceable cars.
3. Additional option of saving the long-term corrections to controller’s permanent memory.
    The corrections are not erased when the controller is disconnected from vehicle’s battery
    (available for STAG-300 Premium only).
4. Improved semi-sequential algorithm in full-group – a.
5. Possibility to view the engine’s loop (Open Loop, Closed Loop) (Available for STAG-300 Premium only).
6. Improved algorithm “Mazda leaning”.
7. Additional option to delete adaptations STAG. .
8. The new software further prevents the loss of calibration setting due to faulty battery 

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