STAG-300 premium –available now


Dear Customers. We are proud to introduce our newest and long-anticipated product STAG-300 Premium. AC Minikits including STAG-300 Premium are available in AC S.A distribution centers worldwide.
STAG-300 Premium is a new generation controller equipped with Smart Autocorrecting System - SAS SAS – Smart Autocorrecting System constantly monitors short and long term STFT and LTFT corrections. STAG-300 Premium easily communicates with all OBD II and EOBD auto systems (not only CAN) by the STAG-OBD ADAPTER which aside from standard parameters enables the read out of your vehicle’s ECU corrections.


The technology applied in the STAG-300 Premium assures the very precise fuel dosage and optimal fuel mixture injected into the cylinders. The contents of the mixture is configured not only based on the petrol injection timing as it is in other controllers, but it is precisely adopted to current petrol ECU corrections while driving on gas (not only during the calibration).


STAG-300 Premium was created with accordance to plug’n’drive, user friendly technology, which makes it very simple to install and use. After the first calibration during the installation, STAG-300 Premium self-adopts in real time during standard vehicle usage.
This guaranties the same precise efficiency and proficiency on LPG/CNG as it is on Petrol.
Only STAG-300 Premium can guarantee the fullest, flawless integration with the vehicle’s factory settings.


STAG-300 Premium is designed for all vehicles with 1 to 8 cylinder petrol engines.
The integrated petrol injection emulator has a Europa/Bosch type connection.
The controller is compatible with AcGasSynchro software.


Vehicles equipped with STAG-300 Premium fulfill the EURO 5 emission norms.


Advantages of STAG-300 Premium:

Our Minikit with STAG-300 Premium electronics includes high quality parts supplied by renowned producers such as new injection rail type 34 from Valtek. Valtek’s new injection rail type 34 is characterized by quick reaction to the injection signal which allows precise gas dosage and improved rail design makes the injector type 34 more durable (increased life-span up to 50 thousand km). 

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