Tool Room

Our tool room makes moulds for cold and hot-runner injection with a maximum weight of 1t. Additionally, it makes precise cutters, presses and fixtures used in production. The tool room handles servicing, repairs and reconditioning of the equipment. With an extensive and modern machine park, the company is able to meet the high requirements of the automotive industry.

Our machines and technologies for metal processing:

CNC milling

The main machines in the tool room are computer numerical controlled milling machines by GF Agie Charmille, models HSM and VCE. The HSM model offers a high feed rate, high speed spindle and very high acceleration. The VCE models are distinguished by rigidity and a high-strength spindle. The machines are supported with CAD/CAD Solid Edge and Delcam PowerMill software.   

Mikron VCE800

Travel: 800x400x400

Working spindle: 10000

Mikron HSM 500

Travel: 500x400x300

Working spindle: 42000

CNC turning

Turning on CNC machines is possible thanks to the use of innovative technologies. Turning, as a method of processing outer and inner surfaces within a rotating shape, with some contribution of turning other shapes is performed with the highest care for details. Our company uses CNC turning machines by HASS, model TL-2, which are universal and reliable.

These machines are designed for high-volume, low-volume or unit production, with an emphasis on the repeatability of the  quality of produced elements and the high accuracy of every item. They work with efficient control systems based on industrial automation components by a renowned manufacturer.

Hass TL-2

Travel: f-120, Z-1000

CNC electrical discharge machining (EDM)

Our EDM machines by a well-known Japanese manufacturer, Sodick, are extremely precise. Highly detailed machining is possible thanks to linear motors and the ease of control with a touch panel.

AQ327L wire-cutting machine is a 5-axis machine with a cutting height of up to 250 mm. AQ35L sinker has a unique 16-station tool changer for electrodes that allows automatic operations for many hours.

Sodick AQ327L wire-cutting machine

Travel: 370x270x250

Sodick AQ35L sinker

Travel: 350x250x250


Our modern, specialized and constantly expanding machine park is able to meet high quality requirements. With many different machines, we can offer services with the highest quality.

For the production of turned components, we have six automatic lathes by STAR, model SR-20J type C and SR-32J with material feeders of up to 3 m. These are high-performance machining tools with a feed rate of up to 35 m/min. The maximum machining diameter is 32 mm. STAR automatic lathes exhibit extensive machining capabilities, a rigid structure and high motor power. The machine is controlled with a Fanuc31i-B panel. Machined items are cooled down with oil. Cleaning is ensured with ARNO filtration systems by a well-known manufacturer - AR Filtrazioni.

3x STAR SR-20J type C automatic lathe

Travel: f-20, Z-205

3x STAR SR-32J automatic lathe

Travel: f-32, Z-310

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