LED - 500

The main element available for driver’s communication
with the autogas controller is the Petrol/Gas (P/G) switch.


  • cooperates with and supports the PLUS Q-generation controllers and DPI or DIESEL controllers, i.e. QBOX PLUS, NEXT PLUS, QMAX PLUS, STAG-400 DPI, STAG-DIESEL,
  • based on the capacitive button technology (not used in such devices before),
  • elimination of the requirement for mechanical cooperation between individual button components with the use of a touch panel,
  • small symmetrical design to match the button to various types of instrument panels.


  • Selection of the fuel type and mode of operation by touching the capacitive button on the switch.
  • Built-in buzzer to signal fuel switching or system error.
  • Backlighting of the front logo panel to signal the operating mode.
  • Gas level indicator – indication of the current gas level in the LPG/CNG tank (four green LEDs to inform about the level of gas in the tank
  • and a red LED to indicate low level).
  • Built-in automatic adjustment of display and backlight intensity depending on external light.
  • Option of manual adjustment of the intensity of indication and backlight.
  • Option of buzzer sound level.
  • Emergency startup on gas.
  • A warning LED (check) to inform about a failure or incorrect system operation, which can serve informative functions as well (pulsing according to the sound emitted by the buzzer).
  • Possibility of expansion of switch functionalities by adding program functions to meet current market needs related to operation.



Depending on the frequency of backlight pulsing on the front panel, check LED pulsing and buzzer sounds.

  • PETROL mode - the engine is fueled by petrol (backlight off, no sound signals from the switch).
  • AUTO mode - after engine start, the system is automatically switching to LPG/CNG fueling when required parameters are reached (backlight pulsing, no sound signals).
  • EMERGENCY mode - LPG/CNG system failure with the engine being fueled by petrol (pulsing of the backlight with sound signals).
  • GAS mode - the engine is fueled with autogas (backlight ON).


  • Controller error.
  • Empty gas tank.
  • Autogas system service required.
  • Active emergency startup on gas.


  • Supply voltage: 12VDC ± 25%.
  • Working temperature range: -40°C ÷ +70°C.
  • Overall dimensions: 27.3 x 27.3 x 8.0 mm.


  • Double-sided adhesive tape on the back panel of the switch housing.

Applications mobiles

Contrôleurs GPL/CNG - Q-génération

Contrôleurs GPL/CNG - pour moteurs à injection directe

Contrôleurs GPL/CNG - Diesel

Contrôleurs GPL/CNG - ligne économique

Rail de raccords pour injecteurs GPL/CNG

Réducteurs GPL

Émulateurs d'injecteurs d'essence, injection directe

Émulateurs de niveau d'essence

Émulateur de pression de l'essence


Commutateur E/G

Indicateurs du niveau de carburant

Variateurs GPL/CNG

Capteurs de pression GPL/CNG

Équipement pour garage




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