Mobile applications

STAG on the road

STAG ON THE ROAD is a free mobile application for autogas system users. Designed by the leader and manufacturer of autogas systems - AC S.A.

Exceptional features of the tool:

  • The first application on the market to respond to the needs of autogas-powered cars.
  • An exceptional tool ensuring driver comfort and safety of driving,


  • Locating LPG filling stations increases the comfort of travelling;
  • Quick location of the nearest repair workshop recommended by the manufacturer of STAG in case of car problems;
  • The map of service points divided into 3 types of workshops by the range of services offered (Authorized STAG Service Point, Recommended STAG Repair Workshop and STAG-approved Workshop)
  • Possible routing via googlemaps or applemaps;
  • List of service points with sorting options;
  • LPG calculator to calculate savings in driving;
  • An information panel to inform drivers about new products/functions and changes in autogas systems.

When STAG ON THE ROAD was  designed, a huge amount of attention was paid to details and it was adjusted to the needs and requirements of potential users of autogas-fueled cars. For sure it will fill the existing deficiencies in this area, improve driving and increase comfort for every driver.

Remember that the application is free. Travel only with STAG ON THE ROAD.



GAS COMPUTER is an innovative solution allowing the control of LPG combustion in cars equipped with the latest generation of STAG autogas systems. Download and use for free.

Exceptional features of the tool


  • It responds to the needs and expectations of car users with STAG autogas systems.
  • Created by the leader and manufacturer of autogas systems - AC S.A.
  • The only mobile application in the world to present the momentary and average consumption of gas and the cost of travel.
  • Gas Computer does not allow the accidental changing of the parameters of the autogas controller. The application is intended for only reading and displaying data so it is comfortable and safe to use.
  • The above-mentioned feature guarantees the continuation of warranty.



  • With the GPS receiver, the driver can observe readings of gas consumption per l/100km –both momentary and average, or, control the amount of used fuel.
  • In-built calculator allows a real-time estimation of fuel expenses.
  • Access to OBD-II/EOBD parameters of the vehicle.
  • Viewing stored errors or warnings reported by the controller.

The application works only with Q-generation controllers, i.e. STAG-4 QBOX, STAG-4 QNEXT, STAG-300 QMAX.

Operation is simple and will satisfy even the most demanding users – for communication with the controller, the use of Bluetooth Next or USB is recommended – only when the Smartphone/tablet is equipped with the so-called USB host.

Remember that the application is free.

New functions:

  • New screen for Bluetooth settings – clear visualization
  • Update of translated application settings



STAG MOBILE is a comfortable and easy application used to access the full software of AC STAG on a smartphone or tablet. With this free application you can access all the controller’s configuration options. The application is a mobile version of the desktop AC STAG application.

Exceptional features of the tool:


  • It makes work easier and supports workshop operations;
  • Also available to advanced users who are not professional mechanics;
  • It allows wireless corrections (via Bluetooth Next interface);
  • Opening the bonnet is not required and connecting a computer to the diagnostic connector of the autogas system.




  • software for STAG calibration ;
  • extra additions for the driver with real-time controls of autogas system parameters;
  • OBD reader function to allow the viewing the parameters of the on-board diagnostic interface;
  • integrated OBD2/EOBD scanner function in a single application and a single device;


The application only works with the Q-generation and DPI controllers, i.e. STAG-4 QBOX, STAG-4 QBOX NEXT, STAG-300 QMAX, STAG-400 DPI. You only need a dedicated STAG Bluetooth NEXT interface and STAG MOBILE application installed in a smartphone to start.

Remember that the application is free.


STAG Save – user-friendly calculator app

The family of mobile applications designed for users of cars equipped with STAG-branded LPG systems has been increased by a new practical product. STAG Save has been added to the GasComputer, STAG w Trasie (STAG On the Road) and STAG Mobile applications. This is  a simple and intuitive tool with a clear and simple presentation of the real savings that can be obtained after the installation of a STAG autogas system in the car.

All you have to do is to note the visit to the filling station and the application will show the total cost of petrol, the cost of petrol with the autogas system in place and the amount of savings since the installation. But that's not all. There is no better way than an example of the specific benefits obtained with the money saved on fuel. This is why the application informs the user when the savings reach an amount that allows the  telephone bill to be paid or a romantic dinner for two to be ordered in a popular restaurant. The functionality of the application becomes greater as the determination of the user grows. After a defined time,  statistics can also be checked with the help of useful charts. The program not only informs, but also motivates.

The car is not equipped with an autogas system yet but the owner plans to install one? Here the application is also irreplaceable – with a single click a recommended fitter from the network of STAG Authorized Service Points can be contacted.

For users and owners of cars with LPG systems, driving is more economic and ecological. That's a fact. However, now they can also travel more comfortably and safely with the support of innovative solutions created by the trend setter on the LPG market for 30 years. This is the future.


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