Safety of autogas

Safety of your car

1install your autogas system only in a workshop that is specialized in autogas-fueling systems
2select workshops authorized by the manufacturer of the autogas system. STAG has more than 100 Authorized Service Points across Poland
select workshop networks that guarantee country-wide repairs or inspections in any selected point from the network
4Note the period of guarantee for your autogas system; manufacturers offering guarantee extension options are definitely sure about their products


Safety of your family           

Safety rules for LPG-fueled cars:

ikona firmaDo not order autogas installation in workshops you do not trust

ikona narzędziaDo not modify or repair the installed system yourself

ikona wiertarkaDo not make any holes in the tank

ikona zakaz rozpalania ogdniaDo not check system tightness with any sources of fire

Autogas tank

zbiornik stag

The autogas tank is made of steel or special, very durable composite material to make it resistant to any mechanical damage. In the autogas tank there is always a mandatory
multivalve, which is a module of valves that  ensures the gas flow is cut off if the tank lines are broken, which may take place in a collision on the road.
Tank reserve: Tanks with autogas can only be filled to 80% of their capacity, which makes allowance for fuel expansion occuring during temperature changes and a safety limit for trouble-free driving.
Safety test +SEE MORE

In order to verify the threat of fire, multiple fire tests have been performed, where the vehicle was exposed to controlled fire with its autogas system installed. (more) It should be noted that it was not a factory-mounted system. After 5 minutes of controlled fire, the safety valve is activated by the excessive pressure in the tank. The valve releases a small volume of gas under the chassis so that it is not dangerous for any passengers inside the vehicle. After another 4 minutes, the fire control valve is operated to allow the controlled discharge of the remaining gas from the tank. After the test, the tank is intact, with only some soot on the surface. It can be concluded from such tests that manufacturers assuring us about the safety of their autogas systems are right.

The tank is equipped with a multi-valve, which controls the behavior and flow of the gas. The multi-valve system includes the following components:

  • filling valve (with a limit for preventing over-filling above the level of 80% of the tank’s geometric volume),
  • operating valve, controlled electrically, opens when the autogas system is activated,
  • excess flow valve that cuts the flow of the gas when any of the copper gas lines are broken (when the flow is higher than normal),
  • safety valve to discharge the gas out of the tank in a situation, when the internal pressure rises to a dangerous level.


In the event of a fire that has not been extinguished, the safety valve is opened after a few minutes; the valve will feed the fire a little, but in doing so prevents the possibility of an explosion. Although the autogas system itself is not dangerous, the following elements pose threats: high temperature and vapors of toxic substances released as a result of burning of plastic materials. If a fire starts in the car, evacuate all the people from the cabin to an area at a safe distance and call the rescue services.

But that's not all - if the pressure inside the tank rises,due to a fire in the car to a level where the activation of the safety valve is not enough, an additional safety fuse (known also as the fire valve) is operated. Under the influence of high temperature, it melts and releases the over-pressurized gas under the chassis. All marketed tanks must be equipped with a multi-valve that contains all the above-mentioned components.

See for yourself:

czy wiesz, że
  • There have been no reported cases of autogas system explosions under normal use and service conditions.
  • The regulations in Poland are much stricter than in other countries, which makes Polish LPG systems safer.
  • Gas tank durability is much higher than that of petrol tanks.
  • In extreme situations, such as collisions with another car, the tank simply relocates or even disengages from the car intact.
  • A toroidal tank installed in the cavity for the spare wheel can reinforce the rear part of the car so the latter is less prone to deformations in a collision on the road.

LPG safety tests

Crash tests

Even in extreme situations, in a collision, the autogas system does not pose an additional threat. Frontal or rear crashes of a car with a LPG tank installed do not pose any threat, as the applied safety devices cut off the LPG flow so that gas leaks are eliminated. LPG tanks are made of steel sheet with an approximate thickness of 3 mm, thanks to which they are much more durable than petrol tanks, which are often made of plastics. Therefore, the LPG tanks is one of the strongest elements of the car. The risk of mechanical damage to the LPG tank in such situations is minor.

Fire test

If elements with homologation are used for the LPG conversion and the system itself is installed correctly, there is no risk that the presence of a gas tank poses additional threats.

The safety of the autogas system in fire conditions is ensured by many different safety devices:


Ballistic test

Ballistic resistance testing: Although it sounds like the most drastic of all tests, it is also the most representative test for the safety reserves of the LPG tank. Some manufacturers perform such tests. Live 9 mm bullets are shot to the filled tank. You will be disappointed if you expect a Hollywood-style effect - if the tank is penetrated by any of the bullets, gas escapes through the bullet hole until the tank is empty.

See for yourself:

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