Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is one of the many areas which AC S.A. can be proud of. The success in this field may be defined by one amazing value: 80 000 items leave the manufacturing line per hour. Such efficiency is possible thanks to the active team and modern machines. We have two SMT lines for the assembly of electronic components on printed circuit boards. The offer presented AC S.A. covers single-sided and double-sided placement, as well as assembly based on reflow soldering or bonding. Of course, we provide component arrangement inspections as well.

The machines and equipment used in the assembly process have been tried and tested and are produced by renowned manufacturers. These include: FUJI NXT - 5 modules ( 4x M3S, 1x M6S ), ERSA N-Wave 330, Speedline MPM Accuflex and Momentum, ERSA HOTFLOW 7.

FUJI NXT is a modern, automated machine for SMT integrated with the manufacturing line. It has been designed to meet the specific demands of production environments.

Its interchangeable placement heads allow each machine module to function as either a "chip shooter" for component sizes from 0.6 x 0.3 mm (0201) or a machine for the precise placement of large 74 x 74 mm components. Platform efficiency at the highest speed configuration reaches 60000 cph. Intelligent feeders allow the components to be loaded during machine operation and eliminate the risk of errors. The machine can hold up to 120 feeders of various types. The tray feeder with a 10-positon lifting device allows the placement of various electronic systems within a single cycle without limiting the machine production capacity. Additionally, the placement system includes a 5-element vibration feeder used for low volume and prototype production. The NXT has been adapted to handle PCB in 534 x 610 mm size version. A traceability system controls the correct production of items: Fuji Trax is used to track the process of production by recording all events such as types of components placed by the operators, errors, efficiency, etc. This information is stored in a database with the option to view "what the machine has produced, when and from what material ".

MPM AccuFlex and MPM momentum screen printers

An automatic machine for printing solder paste or glue with a screen printing method, equipped with a visual system for PCB positioning and automatic control of the applied paste. The unit can handle PCB dimensions of 584 x 508 mm and a thickness of up to 5 mm. In addition, the machine has an automatic system for the placement, removal and precise positioning of the PCB support pins, which ensures uniform application of the paste or adhesive in the specified positions. To keep the screen printing stencils clean and unobstructed, the machine has a system for active chemical cleaning and a vacuum system. Correct dosing of the solder paste is managed by an automatic dispenser with an empty container alarm. The software installed in the machine gathers information on the whole process sequence and ensures that the glue applied correctly. Thanks to the optical inspection system, it is possible to control the process in an automatic mode without the constant attention of the operator.

BTU Pyramax 100N and BTU Pyramax 98 ovens

Fully automatic ovens for reflow soldering provided with 8 heat zones - Pyramax 100N and 7 zones – Pyramax 98. Both ovens are controlled by special software which regulate the stability of the heading process and recording the cycle data. The maximum temperature in each of the heat zones is 350OC. Additionally, Pyramax 100N allows soldering in nitrogen atmosphere.

ERSA  N-WAVE 330 wave soldering system 

A microprocessor controlled nitrogen wave soldering system which meets the highest requirements concerning solder quality and PCB purity. Equipped with an intelligent spray fluxer. Due to its modular design, the preheating zone can be made up of convection heaters, IR emitters or fast acting dynamic heaters. All units can be controlled independently.
Two innovative solder nozzles allow for a range of computer-programmable adjustments and an optimum wave contact time.

PVA selective conformal coating machine

It ensures a clean, efficient process for applying conformal coatings on the printed circuit board, without masking. It is possible to use a curtain nozzle or a needle valve. An additional axis and the use of rotations of the head and feeding valve allow the programmable omission of restricted elements of the PCB. The movement of the dosing valve enables the angle of the dosing needle to be changed, allowing access elements and grayed-out areas on the PCB.

IR2000 curing oven

Equipped with heating modules both on the top and bottom. The free space above and below the PCB means that it is possible to work with boards with high elements.

AREX laser marker

The unit is used to mark materials that absorb infrared IR (e.g. metals, plastics, paper, leather, silicone). The marker is fitted with a 20 W fiber laser which operates at the 1064 nm wavelength, and is used for surface engraving.

The best effects for plastics are obtained for:

PVA350 dispensing system

A three-axis robot for precise selective coating. A pumping system allows high-viscosity substances to be used.

MIRTEC MV 7 Xi automated optical inspection line

The unit has been designed to inspect soldered PCB's. The boards are checked for missing parts, component placement, lack of solder and short-circuits. The system of side-view cameras and adjustable lighting conditions enable the inspection of almost any location and component on a PCB. The SPC feature is used to track and eliminate defects of the process.

As it can be seen, the technical facilities for SMT placement are a major advantage of the company. The personnel constitute a stable and experienced team of operators who ensure that work is performed at  a high level and that excellent assembly quality is guaranteed. It is worth emphasize that AC S.A. makes its resources available in the outsourcing offer, so that external customers can use our machine park together with our personnel. Check out our offer.

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