Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory

Chamber GTEM-1000

Electromagnetic compatibility is the ability of devices, installations or systems to work correctly in a specified electromagnetic environment without introducing additional electromagnetic disturbances, either to that environment or to other devices, which may consequently malfunction. The controller under examination is sufficiently isolated in the GTEM-1000 to ensure that the electromagnetic waves which are being tested do in fact come from that device and not from other electronic equipment. The chamber is equipped with an antenna to measure the level of electromagnetic waves generated and a spectrum analyzer to accordingly display the measured signal level. In addition to measuring electromagnetic disturbance, the testing station allows for controlled interference of the controller’s operation inside the chamber. In this way, the resistance of electronics to interference occurring during driving is examined. The chamber is equipped with a signal generator, 2 HF power amplifiers, and a spectrum analyzer that displays frequency amplitudes generated by the device being tested. All the electronic equipment has appropriate standards defining the generated interference amplitude limits. The spectrum analyzer determines whether standards have been met.


Station for BCI method testing of RF immunity.

"Bulk Current Injection" (BCI) method consists in testing the products' immunity to narrow band electromagnetic disturbance. The test signal is injected using the 20 to 400 MHz frequency clamp meter located around the tested equipment wire harness. Immunity testing is carried out by changing the level and frequency of the injected test signal. A generating and a receiving coil are set on the wire harness to measure the injected current. By monitoring the behaviour of the system being tested it is possible to specify which frequencies accompany incorrect operation, so that the corrective work can be performed.



Electrostatic discharge immunity testing station.

ESD is a term used mainly in electronics and industry to describe momentary unwanted currents, i.e. electrostatic discharge, which may cause damage to electronic equipment. Electrostatic charges (expressed in volts) occur when two surfaces meet together, for example when somebody touches a device. This might trigger a spark of several to tens of kV.

Electrostatic discharge poses a serious problem for electronic components, as a lot of equipment is sensitive to ESD, e.g. integrated circuits and hard drives. ESD testing is covered by relevant standards recorded in the ESD generator memory. Typically they include testing with a voltage of 8 to 15kV.



It is well known that we are surrounded by electromagnetic pulses and the development of technology brings additional doses of radiation which affects people and all the equipment surrounding them. In order to maintain high quality, AC's research team verifies the level of the mutual impact of the electromagnetic field, generated by strategic equipment, in terms of the proper operation of a mechanical unit. With the use of the latest research instruments, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory can perform various tests. The impact of disturbances and their real value in the context of operating equipment is examined. Laboratory assistants measure the emission and immunity to disturbances conducted with power supply lines, signal lines, as well as to disturbances radiated through the air. A unit that has passed the tests is sent to an external accredited research institute for the final approval. This is the moment when our team can breathe a sigh of relief and start a new project. Of course, all our specialized backup facilities are available to external customers – our Outsourcing Department will help to specify the details of using any of our test stations.



With this modern equipment in the Laboratory, AC S.A. is ranked as an unquestionable leader in the research and development business in Poland. This is why our products are better and better. We do not keep this technology only for ourselves. Any scope of tests, which you may order, can be performed by our best specialists – all this within the current outsourcing service offer. Do not hesitate to contact us for details.


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