Autogas – pure saving!

The first autogas systems were like every young generation: they brought innovation, dynamics and some element of unpredictability.  

Today, we are richer in certain experiences. Years of examinations, research, experiments, trials, success, tests, users’ and mechanics' feedback and laboratory analysis have resulted in a complete and reliable autogas system. Specialists who design and verify STAG equipment confirm that solid electronics is as important in an LPG system as well-selected mechanical components. This is particularly the case, where autogas supports the driving system in new cars equipped with a lot of electronic devices to control all the "vital" functions. If you are the happy owner of your own car and you are interested in autogas, you should absolutely focus on the controller.

Controller is the most important element.

Dashboards in new cars display all the information about the most important "vital functions". The heart of an autogas system, which is responsible for the correct operation and signals to the ECU, is the autogas controller. An inappropriate controller can lead to serious problems and difficulties in using the autogas system. Additionally, when investing in a relatively new car, you would not like to experience any unexpected problems, like messages about failures that do not exist or incorrect indications of the ECU.

Even the best actuating devices - reducer or injector – will not eliminate the risk of strange problems, if the controller which you decide upon is poor in quality and supplied from an unknown producer. A frequent problem resulting from such a decision can be the incorrect indication of the fuel level. The on-board computer shows that there is less and less petrol, although the car is running on autogas. Here comes an interesting fact – information about the level of fuel in contemporary vehicles does not come from the float sensor position, but from a completely other source, based on the injector opening time reported by the ECU. This means that the car is reporting petrol consumption when running on an alternative fuel - gas. This error can be only eliminated by an intelligent controller with an intelligent emulator that restores correct indication values. Not all controllers are able to do this.

And now we reach a special area, called Q-generation STAG. Years of observations and experience have brought us to a point in which STAG products have established a new quality level. Today we know what a new car model needs to make the fuel-saving LPG conversion 100% cost-effective. It needs a controller with the "Q factor". And that is exactly what we have created.

The range of autogas equipment is very wide. Our Q-generation controllers are something to be proud of. Find out more about the real pride of AC S.A.

Isn't a regular controller enough?

It is. Standard STAG controllers have defended their quality for years. They are also intergrate well with the whole system, supporting the mechanical processes and motivating the driving systems of any car. It is, after all still STAG – a brand standing for quality. However, there are small things, some operating aspects of an autogas system, which definitely attract you more to the "Q factor".

"Q factor" – what are the benefits?

Q-generation STAG is a new generation of controllers which has been brought up on the experiences from previous generations. Q-generation not only eliminates the errors of the predecessors and contains all possible system updates. The Q-generation is one step ahead of the other projects, it forecasts the problems and needs of the future generations of car ECU's. It is a comprehensive set of features much ahead of its time. Q-generation STAG includes controllers tailored to the futuristic dreams which we have not imagined so far. Its intelligence will be appreciated only by experienced and demanding users. It is the top level of quality, which we are reaching for you today.

Cars fueled with autogas tend to gradually effect ECU indications, which results in problems with petrol fueling. The ECU reports a problem with the engine fault lamp lighting up from time to time. However, since the car does not show any other problems at this stage, users often ignore this. Later, the lamp is ON all the time and the engine starts and runs only on autogas. A regular controller supports the system in a normal way, but in the long run, mechanical intervention and serious repairs of the whole system will be needed. Regular controllers do not cope with fluctuations of changing parameters of other units either – injectors, the reducer or ultimately the engine. How does the Q–generation handle this?

One of the basic functions assigned to the Q-generation as a standard is autoadaptation. This function is an algorithm stored in the controller to correct gas injector parameters so that their operation is always adjusted to varying parameters of the operating engine and that the risk of errors is reduced to minimum. Autoadaptation is an advantage of the QBOX, QNEXT and QMAX series – i.e. regardless of the category, all controllers with the "Q factor" provide professional, modern and effective support for any operating system in passenger cars and other vehicles. Electronics prepared by STAG at this level represent a Premium brand, designed for users that prefer luxury, comfort and good price-to-quality ratio.

Q-generation – a must!

Q-generation has been designed for engines with indirect petrol injection so the target market includes new car models from the Premium line. AC S.A. developed its "Q" controllers for special customers; this is why the product is unique.

As the top product configured for the most robust engines, Q-generation STAG controllers are provided with the OBD autoadaptation system and intelligent ISA3 system. Using the latest electronic solutions has allowed us to implement the function of automatically cancelling selected errors – which effectively protects car electronics against possible failures.

Already at the programming stage, Q-generation controllers are submissive to the user or fitter. STAG, as a specialist in caring about every detail, designed the Q-generation as controllers that are extremely easy to install and quick to calibrate – which is an evident benefit for all fitters. Controller intelligence also makes it possible to adjustment the function panel by activating or deactivating selected functions. Most of them are not permanent, which makes the controller a configurable device allowing for full integration of the functions with the preferences of a given car.

Standard autogas controllers are ‘one size fits all’, which in practice means permanent algorithms that cannot be changed or corrected in any way. A universal character is, of course, good – as it allows high-volume installations of a single model in many different cars and LPG systems. However, progress has brought about new needs, and failures that are often discovered right after autogas installation, during operation, cannot be eliminated or corrected due to what we had considered a benefit at first – i.e. the aforementioned universality. Q-generation exhibits flexibility and individuality, resulting from the possibility to change the unit algorithms. This gives a significant competitive edge and really goes outside the frame of devices known so far.

Individuality is also a method to install the controller. The QBOX connector is positioned perpendicularly to the housing, while QNEXT – parallel to the housing. This opens up new options for cars with limited space under the bonnet for additional equipment, while ensuring required aesthetic qualities, which is a feature of all STAG controllers.

Additionally, Q-generation offers a whole range of system and user assisting features. These controllers are not connected to the ignition switch or rpm sensor - which definitely simplifies the work of the fitter. The cable routed to the cabin contains three wires - not five like in standard controllers. Less wires obviously means less work, a lower risk of error, and, as a result – the reduced probability of failures caused by installation faults in the future.

"Q" line products are covered with a 5-year warranty so there are two more years of comfort and reliability. The guaranteed quality of STAG itself is sufficient proof, but still the company makes every effort to include a package of value-added features in this exclusive line of controllers as well.
It is worth installing autogas systems in trusted workshops, preferably recommended ones or even those qualified by the manufacturer of the autogas system. This offers reassurance of the quality of installation and excellent knowledge of the controllers. An excellent example is the network of STAG Authorized Service Points in Poland, where the manufacturer is so sure of the quality of installation that the warranty covers the whole country and can be extended to 8 years.

Welcome to the world of Q-generation. This is a world of the latest technologies, which work for your comfort, luxury and safety, although it is usually invisible.

Don't just take our word for granted – verify it yourself and give us your best opinion, using the system based on a Q-generation STAG controller. It will be a pleasure for you!

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