Is LPG for cars safe?

STAG Crash test LPG

Is gas installation safe? Specialists, among others, from the portal and AC S.A. carried out a crash test of two LPG-powered cars at the Automotive Industry Institute. The engines of both cars during the crash were started and working on LPG.

Most objections of the average driver concern the gas itself as a flammable substance. A well-made gas system is tight and one hundred percent safe. All elements of the system of such brands as, e.g. STAG are manufactured by one manufacturer, which allows for detailed quality control. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the manufacturing process will detect every defective part and all the components will smoothly work together. With proper use and servicing, the risk of any explosion does not exist.

Another protection against this type of situation, used during assembly of the system, is the assembly of the pressure and gas temperature sensor. Based on the information from this sensor, the LPG controller determines the gas fuel dose according to the conditions in which the engine is operating.- This sensor is also responsible for switching the drive unit to petrol after using the LPG in the tank. As a result of using the gas fuel, the LPG pressure in the tank decreases, and thus the pressure of the LPG reducer decreases in the part of the low-pressure gas system. After detecting the reduction of gas in the tank by the sensor, the engine is automatically switched to petrol - says Marcin Dziewiątkowski, Technical Advisor at AC S.A.

The drop in gas pressure in the low-pressure part of the system took place during the crash test. After unsealing the part of the high-pressure gas system, there was a sudden loss of gas pressure in the low-pressure part of the system. The gas pressure and the temperature sensor worked just as in the case of the consumption of LPG in the tank. The low gas pressure signal was directed to the LPG controller, which closed the solenoid valves in the tank and in the engine compartment as well as LPG injectors, switching the drive unit to petrol.

In addition to regulatory functions, the gas pressure and temperature sensor is also designed to act as a safety feature, which we often do not remember. The response time of this sensor to the gas pressure drop is very short (0.3 s), which means that LPG leak in the liquid phase is practically non-existent. Therefore, there is no danger during the crash of cars equipped with LPG installations.

The crash test showed that even in extreme situations, the gas system does not pose an additional threat to people in the car. Neither breaking the front of the car nor hitting the rear of the vehicle poses any danger, because the applied automatic protection measures cut off the LPG inflow so that there is no gas leakage. You can feel safe in a car with an LPG system.


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