An LPG tank? It's possible!

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LPG systems are not only installed in cars, but also in larger vehicles, such as trucks, buses or agricultural machines. The AC S.A. company, manufacturer of LPG/CNG systems by STAG, went a step further and was the first in the world to convert... a tank to LPG.

AC S.A. has proved that nothing is impossible, when it comes to LPG installations. It installed an innovative LPG system in the T-55 MERIDA tank, created for delivery vehicles and trucks, buses as well as agricultural and construction machinery powered by diesel engines. This was to show, in a symbolic way, the reliability and wide application of LPG systems. This installation has been tested in extremely difficult gravel pit conditions and has proved itself in a 46-ton T-55 tank with 640 km and 36-litre engine capacity. The company has enriched this military vehicle with such components as the STAG Diesel controller dedicated to 8-cylinder engines, two STAG R02 reducers, two STAG AC W02 BFC injector rails and two 120-litre LPG tanks. What possibilities did the tank gain from this unusual conversion?

An ecological solution

Air pollution is the main cause of global environmental threats, which is why one of the main assumptions of an LPG installation - not only in the T-55 tank, but in any other vehicle, is the reduction of particulates (soot).- 15% of the unused fuel mixture goes to the exhaust system of diesel vehicles. The addition of LPG makes this amount significantly decrease - up to 5%. Thanks to this, the fuel is almost completely burned, which in turn translates into reduced emission of harmful substances - says Marek Bezubik, Technical Specialist of AC S.A., a manufacturer of LPG/CNG systems by STAG.

Lower operating costs and higher engine performance

An LPG installation in diesel vehicles also saves money. In this case, the engine is started using diesel, however, during its operation, the fuel chamber receives both oil and gas, which accounts for approx. 30% of the fuel mixture. In this way, it is possible to reduce the vehicle operating costs by as much as 20-25%- also for a tank. What's more, a combat vehicle with LPG installation could drive twice the distance on a single tank and gain greater performance thanks to built-in tanks with oil and gas.- Increased fuel combustion efficiency means up to 30% increase of torque and engine power. Thanks to this, every vehicle with a Diesel engine enriched with LPG installation becomes faster, stronger and more efficient. In addition, thanks to LPG, the engine gains an extended service life, i.e. guaranteed time of trouble-free operation - adds Marek Bezubik.

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