A professional drift on LPG? They're already working on it!

LPG Drift

You’ll be able to drive an LPG car in a race? It's a myth! STAG has begun work on the assembly of a dedicated LPG system for the car for special tasks with a capacity of 640 HP. It is mounted in the car of Kamil Dzierbicki, one of the youngest professional drifters in Poland.

Rally sports are enjoying growing interest among fans. Rallies and drifting competitions have always provided a lot of excitement, but until 2012, there were some limitations involved. They concerned, among others, the ban on LPG cars, which resulted from the provisions of PZM (Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association). Currently, the start of cars with a gas installation is possible, and the assembly works on the first vehicle of this type has already begun. The challenge as been taken by AC S.A., the manufacturer of STAG LPG systems and the main sponsor Kamil Dzierbicki - a gifted drifter and one of the youngest in Poland.

Tailored assembly

Preparing the car for the start requires a non-standard approach from engineers and technicians.- This is primarily due to the fact that such a car is unique, everything in it is non-serial, reinforced, tuned. Consequently - we have to create a dedicated system for the special needs of this particular car. It requires the time and work of our best specialists, who are available for this specific job - explains Marek Bezubik, technical specialist at AC S.A., a manufacturer LPG installations of STAG.

The 640 HP challenge

A dedicated gas system will be installed in a BMW car with a capacity of 640 HP. It is being prepared for drifting competitions, in which Kamil Dzierbicki from the STAG Rally Team is successfully starting. In June, elements such as: reducer (STAG R02 TWIN), injectors (ACW03), controller (STAG-300-6 QMAX PLUS) and STAG Tuning, which increases flexibility and dynamics in all gears in the entire rev range, were already installed at the authorized STAG “SUPRAL” service centre in Wrocław.

Works on the installation of the gas system for a sports car are in progress and the chances are that the car will soon be ready for the track.- What does this mean to us? I can summarize it with the following words: challenge, priority, tailored mission and unprecedented assembly. Work in progress, the action has already begun, and we will be more than happy to inform you about its next stages. The fans will certainly be satisfied with the final result - adds Marek Bezubik from AC S.A.

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