The EURO 6 standard confirms the ecology of LPG

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Autogas is not only a great way to save money, but also a synonym of caring for the environment. This is confirmed by the EURO 6 standard - one of the directives issued by the European Union. What should you know about this?

EURO 6 is the standard that sets the limits for the emission of harmful exhaust components of a car. The regular tightening of emission standards is a real challenge for car manufacturers, and hence also for LPG systems manufacturers. Exceptional requirements can be met by companies investing not only in the development of products, but also in research and scientific development. One of them is AC S.A., the owner of the LPG/CNG system of the STAG brand.- We owe our success to the continuous diversification of research and analysis sites and the fact that we are not afraid to go beyond the country's borders to achieve the highest standards. We met the EURO 6 standard thanks to joint research carried out in Poland and Italy with a daughter company - AC Italy. Tests carried out in October 2016 at the Italian testing laboratory confirmed the compliance of the installation with this standard, which is confirmed by the type-approval granted on the Italian market - says Tomasz Cybulko, director of the Research and Development Centre of AC S.A., the manufacturer of STAG LPG systems.

Eco-friendly way for diesel engines

The EURO 6 standard is particularly restrictive for vehicles with diesel engines, as the nitrogen oxide emission threshold allowed has been reduced from 180 to only 60 milligrams per kilometre.- In response to growing social expectations, we have constructed and introduced to the market environmentally friendly gas systems adapted to work with cars equipped with diesel engines. Importantly, at the Motor Transport Institute (ITS) in Warsaw, we also carried out a series of tests on the D13K460 engine mounted in Volvo tractor units, which meets the stringent EURO 6 standards according to reg. UN 115.The test results confirmed that in the engines in which the STAG Diesel LPG system was mounted, all standards including emission, power and OBD diagnostics have been preserved. What's more, we have already started new tests at ITS, this time on Skoda Octavia RS. We already have the results of the first of them, which showed compliance with R115 - a very strict norm valid in the European Union - says Tomasz Cybulko from AC S.A., a manufacturer of STAG LPG systems. It is also worth mentioning that in many countries, where the EURO 6 standard applies, diesel is very expensive due to high taxes. A significant difference in the prices of diesel and gas makes gas-powered engines an extremely attractive proposition for car fleets.

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