STAG QBOX and QNEXT - how to improve ergonomics at work for fitters?


STAG QBOX and STAG QNEXT belong to so-called Q-generation, the newest LPG controllers manufactured by AC S.A. There are the same devices encased in two different enclosures. Why ?

Q-generation is the latest family of LPG controllers manufactured by AC S.A. that set the trend in design of such devices. The Polish manufacturer integrates in them different separate devices and this does not complete the process.

Please remember that the STAG QBOX and STAG QNEXT have "on-board" fuel level emulators, and the STAG QMAX designed for bigger engines is also equipped with a petrol pressure sensor emulator necessary for LPG conversion in some cars.

Why AC S.A. decided to offer the same LPG controller in two different "enclosures"?

The STAG QBOX controller was launched as the first on the market and was well-received by installers.

Its connector was placed perpendicularly to the enclosure, and sometimes such solution was inconvenient. Many LPG professionals suggested to return to the connector placed along the controller enclosure.

AC S.A. as the manufacturer of Q-generation controllers to meet market demand, i.e. the needs of fitters accustomed to traditional LPG controllers with the connector directed along the enclosure, developed a version called QNEXT.

Now the installer selects a controller suitable for a given application (STAG QBOX - 48-pin angle connector, STAG QNEXT - 48-pin straight connector).

STAG QBOX is normally installed horizontally with the connector upward, or vertically with the connector directed aside, depending on free space inside the engine bay. However, the STAG QNEXT controller is typically installed vertically (with the connector downward), thus allowing its easy location inside engine bays of modern cars.

The location of both controllers should be selected so they are placed far from sources of heat and not exposed to moisture, although enclosures of the STAG QBOX and STAG QNEXT controllers are watertight and resistant to mechanical damage. They are made of high class plastics, thus ensuring a very good resistance to temperature variations within a very wide range and high vibration level inside the engine bay.

The QBOX and QNEXT controllers are also resistant to electromagnetic interferences that occur inside engine bays (and coming primarily from the ignition system), and consist of components resistant to such conditions (processors).  They differ significantly from those used in electronic appliances commonly used in households.

Besides of the processor in automotive version, all electronic components have been selected for its reliability, so the LPG STAG QBOX and STAG QNEXT controllers are covered by a 5-year warranty.

Both controllers are installed in a nationwide network of STAG Authorized Service Centres and STAG Recommended Garages.

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