Why it is worth installing new STAG AC W02 and STAG AC W03 injectors?


Due to an  interesting engineering "styling" of new generation gas injectors developed by AC S.A.  the product is impressive.

Fortunately, gas injectors should not be designed under dictation of style designers.

Its interesting shape is only the result of engineer calculations and necessity to meet requirements specified for such components.

STAG AC W02 and STAG AC W03 injectors have been presented already on the Gas Show exhibition. Now they are available and can be installed.


Therefore we asked Marcin Dziewiątkowski, AC S.A. Technical Support and Development Department, this question. What distinguishes STAG AC W02 and STAG AC W03 injectors from comparable products?

Marcin Dziewiątkowski: The design of STAG AC W02 and STAG AC W03 injectors is focused on accurate gas fuel dosing in various ambient conditions. We achieved it due to thoroughly selected materials and proper shaping of individual components. They are lighter and of simpler design, thus maintaining a high parameter stability in variable ambient conditions (temperature and pressure).

We applied teflon coatings on injector inside parts. In addition, pistons and cylinders are size-selected, thus improving injector operation and LPG dosing accuracy.

Attention should be paid to the innovative injector design; the injector wall performs the role of radiator and dissipates heat excess.

The STAG AC W02 and STAG AC W03 injectors feature of very short opening (2 ms) and closing (1 ms) times, thus reacting perfectly to temporary control signal changes resulting from engine operating conditions.

Moreover, new injectors are dismountable, that is they can be disassembled and cleaned (obviously, if necessary) after long time use. The injector design ensures that no further adjustment is required after such operation.

There are finned coil enclosures. Why ? I understand that this provides effective cooling, but other injectors work well without it. Why this is so important?

Due to coil parameters and force generated by it, it should be noted that the injector opens even at supply pressure of 6 bar, and finned design improves its thermal stability that is one of the most important parameters.

Densely finned radiators being the enclosure of our new LPG radiators ensure rapid heat dissipation from the coil. Therefore, our injectors maintain constant parameters within a wide range of ambient temperature.

New injectors manufactured by AC S.A. are available as 4-stage rails (STAG AC W02) or single units (STAG AC W03). Why do you decide not to use a 2-stage rail ?

This is a very rare solution. Therefore, it has not been included into our offer.

Winter is coming. How did you overcome problems with "sticking" of LPG injector internal components at low temperatures?

The problem of "sticking" has been practically removed by using a very strong coil that is able to open the injector piston in difficult conditions (low temperature or very high pressure). However, the injector closing is governed by a strong spring.

In addition, mating components were coated with teflon, thus reducing significantly the "sticking" phenomenon.

As shown in product pictures of new injectors, they are connected in various ways.

Yes, the STAG AC W02 and STAG AC W03 injectors have a sophisticated system enabling them to be connected in various ways. Therefore, a large number of installation position configurations can be achieved.  This allows to adjust its location to conditions inside the engine compartment in a given vehicle.

Moreover, the new integrated pressure and temperature sensor PS04 is dedicated for the STAG AC W02 and STAG AC W03 injectors.  This unit can be installed directly on the injector rail or gas distributor.

In which the new sensor differs from currently offered one?

This sensor  features minimum response to LPG temperature variations and a number of installation positions, directly on the AC W02 injector rail or on LPG low pressure hose by using the dedicated tee.

The possibility of placing the PS04 sensor close to gas injectors enhances the accuracy of LPG pressure and temperature measurements that are used to determine an appropriate fuel dosage depending on temporary engine demand (load).

The precision of sensor operation combined with a high fuel dosing accuracy of new injectors cause that the engine is fed with the proper air-to-fuel mixture regardless of operating conditions.

Finally, I would like to encourage the users being about to choose a LPG injector rail, if possible!

The design of the STAG AC W02 and STAG AC W03 injectors is proven and durable. The injectors passed long-distance tests over hundreds of thousand kilometres, thus confirming their good material, installation and design workmanship. The new injectors are stable and durable, and highly competitive on the price - quality ratio. Today this the best piston design available on the market.

Thank you for answering.

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