STAG 400 DPI from the expert point of view


Autogas systems in engines with direct  petrol injection are steadily going in popularity, thus driving the market, so LPG fitters are forced to meet the demand and develop more effective fuel systems.

We asked Marek Bezubik,  AC S.A. Technical Support specialist several questions on STAG 400 DPI. What is the sale of STAG 400 DPI installation kits?

Marek Bezubik: So far, it has been thought that direct injection engines detest gas fuel, conversion is unprofitable and no effective LPG fuelling solution is available. It has been proven that this is only one of myths we, as autogas system manufacturer, must cope with.

There is increasing interest in STAG 400 DPI installation. This is the result of our steadily widened list of cars being supported by our system. All cars (100%) are tested.  We also widen the network of companies where the system can be installed. Simultaneously, we perform educational activity for drivers, also on the portal

What is the percentage of petrol direct injection engines available in the market that can be currently converted into LPG fuelling by using the STAG 400 DPi system?


We focus our investigations on car models popular not only in Poland, but also in the world. Our offer reaches out to 40 markets in the world, and direct injection engines are used in almost all of them. Our target is to prepare an offer for all engines. However, it is known that this process takes some time and involves quite large costs. We strive for promoting autogas in engines with direct petrol injection.

How the STAG 400 DPI system is adapted to support new engines?

The process is always the same. Prior to installation, first of all the engine is examined, especially petrol injectors (for proper operation and efficiency). The autogas system is installed. Based on the data gathered previously from testing an appropriate program is developed to support a given engine. This takes from 7 to 14 days, depending on the stage of advancement of the engine. The car must then pass a series of long-distance drive tests (about 20.000 km). Afterwards, the engine is tested once again. If no signs of excessive wear are found, the engine code is implemented into the software and published.

How flexible is the STAG 400 DPI controller in terms of the adaptation to solutions used in modern engines? How long will the system be capable to support modern engines?

The controller capabilities are used to the maximum extent possible, that is it can support all direct injection engines manufactured up to 2012 and 2013.

Do you predict that the STAG 400 DPI controller will be replaced by a new one?

The new controller is already being developed. This will be much more advanced to support the latest petrol direct injection systems.

Will you still develop the system based on LPG vapour injection or will the new solution offer direct injection of liquid LPG into the combustion chamber?

We are still  developing controllers based on LPG vapour injection, but we are working also on LPG liquid injection systems.

It is thought that the STAG 400 DPI installation is more difficult than that of traditional LPG systems. What is your opinion on that?

As regards the installation and setup, both these two operations are not more difficult than in traditional systems. I would even say that the installation is easier because appropriate installation annexes were prepared for engines supported by our controller to describe in detail where each system component should be connected. The setup is also considerably simplified as the controller is calibrated with the engine code prepared earlier and containing technical parameters of a given drive unit (thus there is no need to teach the controller from "zero").

Thank you for answering.

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