Q-generation - the latest family of STAG controllers


Q-generation STAG is a group of LPG controllers developed by engineers working for many months at the AC S.A. Research & Development Centre.

The result of work performed at AC S.A. is a new family of controllers involving solutions so far unknown on our market.

Q-generation is the response of the AC company to new products launched in the automotive market and related needs of LPG system installers and users.

Q-generation family

At present Q-generation includes the three controllers, namely STAG QBOX PLUS, STAG QNEXT PLUS and STAG QMAX PLUS, representing a new approach to design of such devices.

New hardware platform

All Q-generation controllers are built on a new hardware platform that uses a 32-bit processor (previously an 8-bit processor was used) dedicated for automotive applications. The processor uses 24 kB RAM (previously 4 kB only) and much more Flash memory (256 kB compared to 64 kB used in earlier devices).

The commercial processors used by many manufactures in the LPG controller market entail a number of limitations and problems resulting from improper functioning of controllers working in "unfavourable" conditions that occur in engine compartments.

Resistance to extremely harsh environment

Wide temperature fluctuations, strong vibrations and high electromagnetic interference level are phenomena unknown in commercial electronics, thus creating extremely difficult conditions for electronic components. Besides the processor also other electronic components used in Q-generation STAG controllers are carefully selected for its reliability.


All the Q-generation controllers are adapted to use with STAG MOBILE application that can be installed on any devices with the Android operating system. The application is very user-friendly and is being developed to offer interesting features both to installers and users.

Controller selection flexibility


Now the fitter selects a controller suitable for a given application (STAG QBOX - 48-pin angle connector,  STAG QNEXT - 48-pin straight connector).

Q-generation for various engines

Q-generation controllers are designed for engines with 4 to 8 cylinders. STAG QMAX  belonging to the Q-generation family -  is the only controller available in the market that has a built-in fuel pressure emulator.

Expanded auto-adaptation systems

OBD auto-adaptation causes that individual gas doses injected into the intake manifold are measured accurately depending on engine operating conditions. Therefore the AFR does not depend on petrol injection time only. The AFR is also modified on an ongoing basis depending on petrol controller correction. Thanks to this the air/fuel mixture is always optimal .

Intelligent Autoadaptation System - ISA3 modifies the LPG injection map depending on engine RPM in real time.

The correction map does not depend on RPM corrections based on injection times. An accurate reference petrol injection map is acquired while considering the engine operating temperature.  In addition ISA3 recognises the closed and open loop modes in real time, thus enabling the oxygen sensor signal to be viewed.

An automatic OBD error acknowledgement function allows predefined faults to be cancelled automatically without the need to use any external devices.

Q-generation means driver satisfaction

All features of Q-generation STAG controllers allow them to meet any modern car requirements, offering solutions unknown in our market. This translates directly into failure-free operation of a LPG-fuelled engine, thus, also to car user satisfaction.

The new hardware platform allows controller software upgrade. Thus, even after many years the user could have a STAG controller that meets newly applicable requirements under the bonnet , obviously, if its software is upgraded by using applications available on the website of AC S.A.

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