I am a well-mannered driver


One motto, two forms and many drivers distinguished for their polite behaviour on the road. The third edition of the action “I am a well-mannered driver” as part of the campaign “Radom as the region of polite driving” has already started. STAG supports this initiative, which is aimed at improving road safety by promoting good manners and polite conduct among drivers.

This year, along with the Civic Self-Government of Radom, Municipal Police Headquarters and the website, STAG will once again promote politeness, and thus – safety, among drivers. After all, polite driving means safe driving.

During the first two editions, which lasted from October 2016 to the end of 2018, an unmarked police vehicle drove through the city of Radom once in a month. 72 drivers in total (27 women and 45 men) were distinguished for their good manners and polite behaviour – most of them, for giving way either to pedestrians approaching or waiting at a marked pedestrian crossing or to vehicles or cyclists turning left, coming from the opposite lane.

“We can observe a rising awareness of good manners and politeness among drivers”, says staff warrant officer Mariusz Szczepaniak, acting as the Deputy Head of the Road Traffic Department of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Radom.

Along with the organisers, we tried to encourage people to drive politely, and present the distinguished drivers as role models.

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