Autogas – only pluses

To Save

Savings in terms of costs of fuel can reach even 40% due to the difference between the prices of fuel (between gas – petrol, gas – diesel) and the constant performance improvement of the system elements.

Purchase of the system is expensive?
You couldn’t be more wrong! Assuming that:

  • the price of petrol is twice as high as the price of LPG,
  • the car uses 10 l of petrol and 15 l of gas per every 100 kilometres covered,
  • the monthly distance covered by the car is 3,000,
  • the price of the system, with installation, is PLN 2,500,


the cost of installation is paid off after four months. The monthly savings related to driving on LPG will exceed PLN 500. In a year this gives the total amount of nearly PLN 7,000.

To go further

Two tanks of fuel enable a longer distance to be covered without the need of re-filling.

This gives you greater comfort of travelling.

Is the location of LPG filling stations a problem?

At present, the map of stations in Poland and in Europe is far from disappointing; on the contrary, the number of filling stations is constantly growing. A helpful tool here is offered by the maps of filling stations available on the Internet. We particularly recommend the free STAG on the road application which will indicate the way to our destination.


To be environmentally friendly Gas combustion products put less strain on the natural environment. Some of the harmful substances resulting from petrol combustion are non-existent in the process of gas combustion (e.g. benzene, lead and sulphate compounds).

Do you know that …

One car running on diesel produces the same amount of NOx as more than 20 cars using LPG. The emission of particulate matter (PM) from LPG-fuelled cars in the city cycle is also lower than the minimum measurable level.

Innovative solutions

The design and production process takes place in conditions that meet the highest standards. The laboratory and workshop of the company's Research and Development Centre controls the quality of products..

How can we be so sure that the system will work properly?

We are sure that the system will work properly because every element of the system is meticulously checked and supervised at every stage of production. In addition, the recommended installation at the STAG Authorised Service Point guarantees professional mounting which will ensure comfort of use. In order to fully control the wear and tear of elements, we conduct tests during which we examine and monitor the system operation which is in use for distances even over 100,000 km.

Safety guarantee

The safe use of the gas system is guaranteed by several of its elements that closely interact with one another, its professional installation and adjustment.

Is the LPG system safe?

The components of LPG systems available on the Polish market have been thoroughly tested. The examinations, which produced positive results, were conducted at the Silesian University of Technology. The LPG systems were considered to be absolutely safe in use and received the required type approvals.


Possibility of system installation practically in any car

Possibility of system installation practically in any car, and maintenance services offered all over the country (STAG Authorised Service Points).

What is the LPG system made of?

Regardless of the generation, the LPG system is a set of various elements that are indispensable for the engine to run correctly:

  • Set of elements installed in the engine chamber,
  • Devices for storing gas – tank with fittings.

The correct operation of LPG system is guaranteed by the purchase of a complete system from one manufacturer and its installation at the authorized service point, which is fully guaranteed by the STAG brand.

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