Prosocial activities

Were it not for its loyal and devoted employees and associates, AC S.A. [Polish joint stock company] would not be able to develop dynamically. The company appreciates the contribution of every team member and does not ignore social needs. By carrying out numerous aid campaigns and supporting those in need, sick or disabled, the company noticed the necessity of systematised and continuous activity in this respect.

Therefore, in April 2011 the company established the AC Foundation. This legal personality, as confirmed in the entry to the National Court Register, opened a new chapter in the history of the enterprise.

The AC Foundation carries out a considerable number of projects and campaigns at the same time. They involve support for the region, local culture and education, as well as actions for the benefit of those most in need. The Foundation's objectives, as stated in its articles of association, are as follows:

The Foundation's activity is based on six pillars:

The company has been performing prosocial activities with constant enthusiasm from the very beginning. Shortly after the establishment of the AC Foundation, the Activity-Based Therapy Workshops started. Since 1995 classes have been carried out under the auspices of the Foundation in premises which are specially rented for this purpose and adapted to the needs of the disabled. At this moment, 30 young people aged 16-40, who live in Białystok and its vicinity, benefit from the classes. These are mainly mentally disabled persons who are not able to function independently in society. The activities, which are a part of the stay organised by the Foundation, constitute a real chance for change in this respect.

The classes are aimed at helping the disabled who, without assistance, are not able to function independently in society. The Workshops strengthen the participants’ self-reliance and resourcefulness, trigger greater fitness and self-esteem, and primarily prepare them for life and work. Therapy is carried out with the use of recognised and effective methods, and the atmosphere in the group motivates and encourages long-term self- improvement. The beneficial influence of the Workshops in the work with the disabled over the years may be observed, for example, in the improvement of the participants' mental condition. The company financially and organisationally aids the Foundation's operations in this respect, and observes its wards' progress with great satisfaction.

Following such values as fairness and reliability, the company also conducts an occupational activation programme for the disabled. It is a result of the long-term policy of the company which had the status of a sheltered workshop from 1993 to 2007. AC S.A. still believes in the equal chances principle. The disabled constitute as much as one fourth of the staff.

Employing the disabled is not only a source of satisfaction for AC S.A. from the prosocial activities which it is known for. Disabled employees are usually exceptionally loyal, diligent, hard-working and devoted to their work. They compensate the limitations resulting from their disabilities with ambition and engagement. They are well educated and qualified, often very talented, and frequently they are better skilled than other employees. As a proof, it should be indicated that some of them hold managerial positions in AC S.A. This group also includes work efficiency leaders.

The prosocial activities of the company are manifested not only in the equalisation of professional chances and activity-based workshops. AC S.A. participates in many social projects which activate young people and promote innovativeness on the local market, searches for local talent, supports education, sports, culture and art in the region.

Prosocial activities

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