Our history


Establishment of AC

establishment of AC Wytwórnia Części Samochodowych Company (AC WCS standing for AC Automotive Parts Factory) with the following core business profile:
- produkcja podgrzewaczy oleju napędowego do silników Diesla;
- production of spare parts and mechanical components for vehicles.


First export

launching cooperation with an Italian contractor for the import of automotive electrical components.


Expansion of the offer

- expanding the automotive product range to include plastic components (fuel lines, insulating tubes, fuses) and electronic components;
- launching cooperation with Polish manufacturers of trucks and buses: Star, Jelcz and Autosan.


Supplier of electronics

- launching cooperation with a Belarusian contractor in the area of the import of rectifying diodes; technological design - in cooperation with engineers from Starachowice truck plant - and launching the production of complete new electrical switches for Star trucks; establishing the position of a major supplier of automotive electrical components to Polish car manufacturers.


Production of wire harnesses

- launching cooperation with a German contractor with respect to the production and export of electrical harnesses for tow hooks.



- establishment of AC Biuro Handlu Zagranicznego (AC International Trading Office) focused on export.


First STAG

- expansion of the Company’s wholesale and retail sale of the production of AC Label auto parts S>C>
- new products:
STAG line for negative pressure system: E, G, W, L, 50, 100


ISO 9001:2000

Certificate for quality management system based on ISO 9001:2000.


New products

- new products:
STAG 200 - an electronic controller for technologically advanced autogas sequential injection systems;
- new tow hook kits for cars.



New products:
- STAG 200 universal controller enhanced with an innovative injection system and autogas system adjustment methodology;
- AC MINIKIT autogas sets ready for use;
- the most economical version of the LPG system controller - STAG-L;
- new tow hook kits for cars.


STAG 300

nowości produktowe:
- trailer lights controller for tow hooks based on an advanced CAN interface (communication with the onboard computer and transmission of commands and errors);
- design and production launch of STAG 300 controllers in an aluminum housing;
- new tow hook kits for cars



pconversion into a joint stock company - AC S.A.
prizes and awards:
- the award of a “Business Ambassador of Podlasie Region” for the highest share of export in sales for 2006;
- the award of “Business Cheetah 2007” in the category of the “Most Dynamic Company of Podlaskie Province” for market value growth;
- 1st place in the Production category of the Innovations 2007 survey by Kurier Poranny Daily.
New product highlights:
- a new USB interface for LPG systems
- new tow hook kits for cars;
- Valtex gas valves, a new panel for tractors manufactured by Farmer.


Development of the company

- tripling production capacity for autogas system controllers;
- doubling production capacity for tow hook kits;
- purchasing two properties with a total building area of 5.5k m2;
- purchasing automated manufacturing lines, including automated lines for SMD surface mounting, a wave soldering machine, injection molding machines for plastic components with various diameters, automated lines for the processing and the installation of cables;
- opening an AC tool shop equipped with modern machines and equipment;
- introduction of an integrated IT system to support MRP/ERP management;
- prizes and awards:
1st place in the competition “Business Ambassador of Podlasie Region 2008”
6th place in the regional “Business Gazelles” survey by Puls Biznesu Magazine;
3rd place in the Production category of the Innovations 2008 survey by Kurier Poranny Daily and Strefa Biznesu portal.
New product highlights:
timing advance processors (TAP) used to advance the spark in gas powered vehicles;
new tow hook kits for cars;
FLE-P emulators for the correct indication of the fuel level;
a new project in the STAG line - STAG 4: controller with a reduced size designed for 4-cylinder engines.


Production engineering

-re-certification of the quality management system based on ISO 9001:2008.
- prizes and awards:
“The Best Company of 2009” in the “Golden Top 100 Companies of Podlaskie Province” survey by Kurier Poranny Daily
1st place in the category of the “Most Effective Business of 2009” in the “Golden Top 100 Companies of Podlaskie Province” survey by Kurier Poranny Daily;
honorable mention in the competition of “Brand of 2009 in Podlasie Region” within the Product category for our STAG-300 Premium controller;
1st place in the Production category of the Innovations 2009 survey by Kurier Poranny Daily and Strefa Biznesu portal.
- New product highlights:
STAG 300 controller with a 3D presentation of mapping;
STAG 300 Premium - new generation of autogas system controllers offering communication with any OBD system;
AC reducer - a mechanical component for autogas systems manufactured by AC;
new tow hook kits for cars.


STAG 300 Premium

- purchasing and implementing a new Oracle system for project management - PRIMAVERA P6;
- cooperation with an Asian manufacturer in the pilot project called “0 km after-factory installation” (factory installation of autogas systems in new cars).
- prizes and awards:
Innovative Company in the regional edition (Podlaskie province) of the competition “Polish Leaders of Innovation and Development”
INPRO 2011 on the International GasShow 2010 for the STAG-300 Premium controller and SXC 1011 Diagnostic Scanner;
Innovative Product - STAG 300 Premium - in the regional edition (Podlaskie province) of the competition “Polish Leaders of Innovation and Development”;
1st place in the category of Large Company Production of the Innovations 2010 survey by Kurier Poranny Daily and Strefa Biznesu portal.
- New product highlights:
SXC 1011 Diagnostic Scanner (workshop tool for communication with onboard diagnostic systems that allows the reading, diagnosing and erasing of error codes, as well as viewing current operating parameters);
Recorder of Parameters (designed to record autogas controller operating parameters during normal use, working like the black box installed in planes);
new tow hook kits for cars.


Warsaw Stock Exchange

on August 11-th, the company made its successful debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange - launching construction of the Research & Development Center;
- prizes and awards:
Forbes Diamonds - 2nd place in the “Forbes Diamonds” survey for the Podlaskie Province and 21st place in the general survey for Poland;
Certificate of Innovation - 29th place in the survey of the most innovative Polish companies conducted by the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (INE PAN) and Scientific Network Organization (MSN Organization);
INPRO 2011 at the International GasShow 2011 trade fair for STAG 400 DPI;
Super Company 2011 - honorable mention for the most socially responsible companies;
“e-diamond of Forbes & Onet” - for the best corporate website in the Podlaskie province.
- New product highlights:
STAG 400 DPI MODEL A1 - a controller designed for the direct-injection engines of the VW Group (one of the first controllers in the world to ensure precise gas injection in the full rpm range);
300 ISA2 - a controller based on the proven and reliable technology of STAG 300 PLUS, upgraded with the 2nd generation Smart Self-Adaptation System, which continuously tunes the gas controller with respect to the engine speed in real time;
STAG-4 Plus - a highly configurable miniaturized microprocessor controller;
new tow hook kits for cars.



- opening the Research & Development Center
- new products:


opening a modern manufacturing hall

-unew products:
-STAG GoFast


Oddział w Peru

Otwarcie pierwszego w historii Spółki zagranicznego oddziału w Peru


Mobile application

New products: - STAG AC W03
- STAG R14
- mobile application


Q-Generacja STAG

Q-Generacja STAG


E-Mobility Competence Center

E-Mobility Competence Center (EMCC) rozwój firmy w kierunku elektromobilności. Utworzono specjalistyczny dział mający za zadanie opracowywanie nowatorskich produktów oraz rozwiązań w zakresie zarządzania energią dla sektora elektromobilności.