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AC S.A. Market leader

AC S.A. is a world-renowned manufacturer of STAG’s mechanical and electronical components of modern LPG and CNG autogas systems for petrol and Diesel engines.

AC S.A. is also a producer of high-quality electronic components and electrical harnesses for the automotive and household appliance industries, including kits for towing hooks and electrical harnesses for electrical vehicles in Western Europe.

AC S.A. is a leader in Poland. Due to more than 30 years of experience, the company has become the largest manufacturer of autogas systems in Poland. Over 60% of the revenues come from export.

AC S.A. is a stable and strong partner for foreign contracting parties. We perform actively in 50 countries all over the world. We are constantly opening new branches and establishing trade relations. In 2014 foreign sales accounted for 63% of total revenues of the company.

AC S.A. is a responsible organisation. The business profile obliges us to protect natural environment and provide the top quality of innovative products. As a result, we act in harmony with nature.

AC S.A. is a pioneer in the field of:

  • production and sales of components and sets of autogas systems (own LPG/ CNG products)
  • production and distribution of automotive electronics (own automotive products)
  • distribution of car parts (goods – trade)
Siedziba firmy AC S.A.
Siedziba firmy AC S.A.
Siedziba firmy AC S.A.


"Constant development of the technology and human potential in order to meet the expectations of the customer and the global market in the area of systems using alternative sources of energy"


"Top supplier of complete systems for powering with alternative sources of energy on the global market"


"Innovativeness, professionalism, integrity, responsibility, quality, commitment, mutual respect"

Branch in PERU  

Thanks to the trade offensive and in order to meet the expectations of the market, AC S.A. opened its first foreign branch in PERU in 2014. It is a huge step forward, a remarkable investment and the fulfilment of the ambitions of the company. The enormous interest in the STAG products in South America influenced the decision to continue the dynamic development of the company in this part of the world. Today the Branch in Peru is highly active and is gaining a better and better reputation. We are expecting further successes in this field.

AC S.A. in Poland

In the course of the last 30 years the Polish automotive market has observed the rapid development and transformation of autogas system technologies, thanks to the AC S.A. company. Today the company is widely known among domestic recipients of electronic systems for the automotive industry. Good long-term cooperation with the best service workshops and a growing portfolio of business partners are evidence of the quality and reliability of parts, harnesses and autogas systems offered by AC. We are constantly searching for new partners. We are a reliable big player on the market, and our logo can be spotted on more and more automotive workshops every year. At present we are cooperating with 12 trustworthy distributors of autogas systems who offer tested quality and reliability under the STAG brand. The distribution chain includes only the best companies on the Polish market, so the recipient always gets the best goods on time. In Poland a chain of 109 STAG Authorised Service Points and 101 STAG Recommended Workshops are up and running and it is here that excellent professionals install our products. We are certain of the top quality of the entire process, because we personally take care of the appropriate level of knowledge of installers with regard to our systems.

Sieć Autoryzowanych serwisów STAG
Chain of STAG Authorised Autogas Service Points in Poland and all over the world

STAG Authorised Service Points belong to the elite group of carefully selected and tested points. They meet stringent criteria where the technical knowledge of employees is directly confirmed by STAG. As the manufacturer, we guarantee the quality of system installation and maintenance, which gives the “all inclusive” option to the customer.

You can also install the STAG Autogas System in one of over 1,000 workshops with technical approvals. Such a great chain means that AC S.A. is the true leader in the industry, with an appropriate infrastructure and top quality product. But we still haven’t said it all!

Modern machine park

One of the factors which enabled the company to gain its leading position in the field of autogas systems is the modern machine park which is precise, fast and reliable. The majority of components is manufactured on the basis of fully automated, precise and highly efficient technological lines comprised of machines and devices made by leaders in their respective fields, such as Fuji, Speedline Technologies, Ersa. In order to keep its leading position in the industry, AC S.A. is constantly modernising its machines and devices. At AC S.A. the manufacturing process is conducted in three main production departments: Electronics (including SMD), Wire harnesses and Mechanics.

Nowoczesny park maszynowy AC S.A.
Research and Development Centre at AC S.A.

AC S.A. is constantly looking for new solutions. The changing realities and needs of the customers motivate us to make every effort for the products to fit into the innovativeness policy adopted in the company. While executing the MISSION, striving for the achievement of the VISION and keeping in mind the VALUES of the company, AC S.A. decided to invest in a professional and technical infrastructure. Thus, the Research and Development Centre was established. The Centre covers more than 2000 square meters of surface area dedicated to tests and research work. It houses specialist laboratories where new ideas are born. It is a test zone for engine dynamometer, chassis dynamometer, and workshops for converting vehicles to run on gas. It is also the home to an army of technicians: qualified and experienced electronical engineers, mechanics and IT specialists. The operation of the Centre is based on cooperation between various departments of the company, where intensive scientific and development works support the process of inventing new technologies for powering mechanical engines with alternative sources of energy.


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