AC software


Stag200Easy- 03/09/2014


  • a new window Diagnosis (testing solenoid, zummer, injectors)
  • new Installations "Switching time", "Maximum load on the gas", a new parameter current on the monitor "Engine load"
  • new card "Speed rotation" and "Correction of the gas temperature."
  • ability to change the size of maps and oscilloscope
  • updated user guide





AcGasSynchro 07/10/2014


  • eliminating the cause the rarest of mistakes the communication controller with software AcGasSynchro




AcStag 19/11/2014


  • Added support for OBD autoadaptation (available for STAG-4 QBOX PLUS)
  • Added support for automatic clearing of OBD errors
  • Added support for STAG TAP-03 timing advance processors
  • Added button (QBOX BASIC and PLUS) for changing the injection sequence by 180 degrees (reversing the order of injectors)
  • Added new “Fuel overlapping” option for QBOX BASIC and PLUS
  • Added support for new “Emulated engine temperature” parameters of QBOX BASIC and PLUS
  • "Max. gas injection time" option in the "Cold engine leaning" – the minimum value limited to 5 ms
  • Added support for new messages “Ignition switch signal missing", "Ignition switch signal unstable"
  • Correction: "Engine load" has not been shown before in the freeze frame
  • Moving the handle to the left/right on the 2d multiplier map – the handle moves along the line of the current multiplier
  • Changed default view mode of the 3d P/G map – default status map instead of the 3D map (applies to STAG-4 QBOX BASIC/PLUS)
  • "VW BVY (2.0 FSI)" engine code extended to "VW BVX / BVY / BVZ (2.0 FSI)" (applies to STAG-400 DPI)
  • Added firmware updates:

•    STAG-4 QBOX BASIC, PLUS v2.2.1
•    STAG-400 DPI v1.8.1
•    STAG TAP-03 v1.0.0