AcGasSynchro 21/01/2013


  • firmware 10.0 is added to the setup
  • new gas level sensors are added: AXIS CNG, ESIgas_CNG, AC_5V_CNG, AC_12V_CNG, ROCHESTER
  • added injectors AEBINJ RP4SC
  • corrected support/communication of Bluetooth





AcStag 03.03.2014


  • Client software support for "STAG-4 QBOX PLUS" controller (OBD support and ISA2 AutoAdaptation)
  • "Reducer filling delay " setting description modified to "Reducer filling time "
  • Current position on the 3D deviation map marked with cursors
  • Modified indication of curve acquiring status on the P/G map: the mark in the bottom left corner of each grid sector represents the acquisition status for this sector.
  • "Errors" tab highlighted if any active errors or messages are listed
  • "Voltage [V]" parameter group name modified to "Other [V/mA]"
  • Documentation updated